Saco, Maine

The  Circle of the Silver Cauldron, was established at Samhain l994. Silver Cauldron Coven, a Maine group of the Circle of the Silver Cauldron,  is a mixed (female and male) group who meet to do Magic and Ritual.  We look to the Celtic Wheel of the Year for our Solar Rituals and Magic, which are often open by invitation.  We look to historical, feminist and other traditions for our lunar Rituals and Magic, which are celebrated only by the Coven.

Silver Cauldron Coven honors the sanctity of life, growth, death, and rebirth through respectful example and activity to bring balance and equality into our world..

             We are all equals and share in the design and performance of Magic and Ritual. We govern ourselves mostly by consensus, and invite others into the Coven as it becomes clear that all would benefit by being so joined.  While we are not a teaching coven, we are a learning coven.  Our members have given trainings, teachings, readings, public service and we all welcome inquiries.

Our celebrations may have some or all of these components.  Feel free to ask a Coven member, listed above, about any of them before or after the Rite


We meet in Sacred Space

·         Challenge (to reinforce the sacred

nature of the rite and your participation)

·         Cleansing (to remove unwanted energies)

·         Calling the Quarters (to invite  the Sacred elements to be present)

·         Invocation of the Divine (to acknowledge our relationship with the Divine, female and male)


We focus on our purpose and raise

Power. We then send the power to its destination

·         Reading of historical or mythological material

·         Meditation

·         Personal reflection

·         Arts and Crafts

·         Dance, Song,  Music

·         Speech, listening

·         Eating or Drinking

·         Laughter

·         Drawing Down

·         Honoring ourselves and others

·         Journeys

·         Magical workings


We offer our gratitude to those who

 aided us, and close the Circle.

For Additional Information, please feel free to email one or more of us at:

Events for 2011

2nd Tuesday - VPS (See Below!)

Ritual Schedule - please see below for helpful information about rituals at Silver!

SILVER CAULDRON celebrates solar holidays, as set by the Wheel of the Year, which is based on an agricultural calendar, common to the Celtic peoples of an earlier time.  Our day begins as sundown, and our customs and rituals reflect our understanding.  We do not speak for Wicca or Pagans as a whole.

Lammas Ritual - July 31, Sunday, 4 PM


Mabon Ritual - September 18, Sunday 4PM

Pumpkin Massacre - Women, Vegetables, Knives, Chocolate - October 19, email for details



Yule Ritual - December 11, Sunday, 4 PM

Details on the next event!


*SILVER CAULDRON COVEN* Invites you to our Mabon Ritual in Saco, on Sunday,
September 18th. During this 2nd Harvest of the Season Ritual, we will be
honoring the Celtic Deities Manannan Mac Llyr and Rhiannon

The ritual will be followed by a PITCH in FEAST. We will
provide cutlery, table service, and drinks. We leave the rest to the
humor of the Deities, so feel free to participate in Divine laughter
by bringing a precooked, assembled, fully prepared dish or two to

If your first name begins with the letters R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y or Z,

Please bring A MAIN DISH.

If your first name begins with a A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, or I,

Please bring A Green (or other colored) Salad, or Veggie Dish

If your first name begins with J, K, L, M, N, O, P, or Q

Please bring A DESSERT

Silver will provide Apples for both ritual and dinner

Help us celebrate Mabon!

****If you have any special dietary or other health related needs, please
plan accordingly for yourself.****

This will be an outdoor ritual, so please dress so you will feel

This ritual is for ages 12+ with Parent Present Please. Please make
other arrangements for your younger little ones.

Please let us know if you are coming, and how many you'll be bringing
with you so that we can adequately prepare.

Directions? Comments? Questions? Please email us through our website

We of Silver Cauldron would like to thank you for your participation in our open rituals. For the
comfort of all, we wish to mention a few things to
t hose who attend our rituals and who partake
of the after-ritual events
the sharing of a meal, general discussions, and socializing.

We appreciate the community sharing our rituals. Remember thatthis is our faith,
our spirituality, and our religion. Please be
respectful by being on time, dressing appropriately
 (street clothes or
ritual clothing), participating as you are able, and being aware of yourself
as part of the group. If you are unable to be present for ritual on time, unless arrangements
are made in advance, please send regrets.

We ask that any personal issues, whether your own or with others, be left "at the door"
so that all can best experience the ritual and the
hospitality. If you are unable to do this,
please excuse yourself from
ritual or hospitality. If necessary, for the good of the group,
we will ask
the individual(s) to excuse themselves.

We ask that all visitors display a general appreciation for the community
experience, as well as appreciation towards those offering ritual and
hospitality .

� Please let us know at least 24 hours in advance if you and/orothers will attend.

� Please bring one dish per person (that will feed 6-8 adults) to
share. If you have special dietary needs, please try to accommodate them
when you choose your dish(s).

� Please be aware that we often have participants with disabilities. If you are without
special needs, please attend carefully to
your seating and eating choices so others are comfortable.

� Be sure to pick up after yourself.

Please remember that this is a private home and ask before assuming what we
are choosing to provide.

� Please do not enter private areas, or use the telephone, computer,
or other devices without specific invitation or permission.

� We do not permit illegal substances or activities.

� No one under 18 is permitted without direct (written or telephoned)
permission of their parent or guardian. No person under 16 is permitted
without a parent or guardian present.

� If you have medication needs, please provide for that.

� If you are not physically feeling well, please call or email your
regrets and we will send some healing energy your way.

� We do not have small children as a regular part of our home, nor do
we provide babysitting services. We ask that parents or guardians who bring
young ones provide for their needs including equipment, toys, special foods,
clothing, and constant supervision. If the child is uncomfortable in the
ritual, others will be too. Please excuse yourself and the child as

Please let us know if you are coming, and how many you'll be bringing with
you so that we can adequately prepare.

Directions? Comments? Questions? ,or, or , or

A bit about the Sabbats....

 SAMHAIN, (pronounced Sow-in)celebrated from sundown October 31 until sundown November 1, is our New Year’s. This is the third of the harvest festivals, when the last harvest is reaped. This is the time that the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead, the seen and the unseen, are the thinnest.  We seek to honor our beloved dead, to communicate with them and to prepare ourselves for the new year.  We journey to the Summerland, the place of the Dead, and invite some to join us in our circle. We scry to learn about the coming year, and celebrate the connections between ourselves and our world.


YULE, or Winter Solstice, celebrates the return of the Sun after the longest night of the year.  At this festival, to honor the Sun Child, we encourage our children to share food, fun and laughter.  Often LaBefana, an Italian “Santa” woman, comes to our celebrations with stories and gifts for all.


IMBOLC, celebrated on February l, celebrates the seed still sleeping in the earth.  This festival is sacred to Brigid, the goddess of smithcraft, water and poetry.  We look within ourselves and one another and discover the beautiful gifts and talents that are planted within us, to be nurtured to growth in the coming year.


OSTARA, or the Spring Equinox, celebrates new life.  We use symbols of eggs and rabbits and new borne animals.  Our children are encouraged to speak to the earth and encourage her to bloom.  They often dress as fairies and bring blessings to us and to our world.


BELTAINE, or May Eve, rejoices in the fertility of the land and the people.  We celebrate the joy of living in bodies and being connected to our land and to one another.  We pledge ourselves anew to respect for our world’s ecology and our own place in it.  Some will privately enact the Great Rite, drawing down the Goddess and the God to insure fertility.


LITHA, or Summer Solstice, brings the longest day of the year.  The crops are coming forth from the land and the people look to a great harvest.  We celebrate the wedding of the Goddess and the God, or the people and the land.  The Goddess, the great Gaia, is pregnant with live-giving plenty. Our children celebrate the power of life, and often arts or crafts are performed to catch and direct that power.

LAMMAS, or Lughnasad, is the first of the harvest festivals and is celebrated on August 1.  Here the God, who is in the corn and the grain, is first sacrificed that the people may eat and live. We begin to look to the waning of the year.  We may make poppets, or corn shuck dolls, that we imbue with our energy, both pleasant and challenging.  As the poppet dries over the next months, we continue to remember that spirit is eternal, but the seasons constantly change.


MABONE, or Autumn equinox, is the second of the harvest festivals.  Time is again balanced, and we explore the mystery of the Apples.  When we cut them sidewise, the five pointed star of our Goddess, and of ourselves, is revealed.  We and our children eat of half of our apple.  We remember what we wish to keep from this year.  Then we blow into the other half what we wish to leave behind.  We bury or burn that half, giving back to the Goddess that she may transform the energy for good.


We hope that you will be curious and seek to learn more about our faith and practice. Many excellent books are available, and most Witches will be glad to talk (probably at greater length than you wish!) if you give them the chance!

Blessed be!


Copyright: Cynthia Jane Collins 1998, 2000, 2004, 2011


Vacation Pagan School First has begun again! 

What is it?  VPS First is a 13 class course, once a month for 13 consecutive months,  that covers basic Witchcraft and will feature lectures, discussions and lots of hands-on practical experience. 

  Topics include:

·         Brief history of the Craft

·         Grounding and Centering, Sacred Space/Casting a Circle, Shielding

·         Sacred Self. Inner Circle, Meditation

·         Wiccan Rede,  Rule of Three, Wiccan Ethics in context

·         Principles of Belief

·         Triple Goddess/Four fold Goddess, God/Consort, Charge of the Goddess

·         Pantheons, Male and Female for the Wiccan

·         Wheel of the Year, Days of Celebration, Rites of Passage

·         Solar Holidays, Lunar Phases and Celebrations

·         Construction, Purpose and Performance of Ritual

·         Basic Divination and Astrology

·         Construction, Purpose and Performance of Spells

·         Correspondences, Magical Names, Tools

·         Diaries/Book of Shadows

·         Basic dream skills

·         Introduction to Chakras, Healing, Herbalism

·         Psychometry, Crystals, Spiritual Gifts

·         Coven structure, Degreed initiations

·         Spiritual Guides

·         Reincarnation,Time bending, Death

·         Shamanism, Power animal, Shamanic Journey

·         Astral projection and out of body experience

·         Psychic Skills Identification and Development


When is it?  Once a month, for thirteen months, on The Second Tuesday of Each Month, in the  Evening, We’ll meet at 6:45, and class begins promptly at 7:00.  We will be finished by 9:00.

First Class was June 14th, 2011.  If you missed this class, and want to attend the next 12, please contact, as we may still have an opening or two!  If you are a graduate veepster, you know you can always come a visit!


Do I have to come to all the classes?  No, you GET to come to all the classes.  We will be recording the lectures as one of our students is currently deployed in Afganistan, and will not be with  us until after Yule.  


Where is it?  Saco House, Saco, Maine


What does it cost?  There is a suggested materials fee of $5.00 per class, though scholarships are available to students and the cookie jar does not keep track of who puts what money in.  A single payment of $50.00 will cover all 13 classes. There are recommended readings, and most people who have taken the class prefer to have their own copies of the books. 


Who will be teaching?  The author of the class material is Cynthia Jane Collins, and she will be the instructor.  Various member of  Silver Cauldron Coven will be assistants.


Who can be a part of the class? We ask that all participants be over 18, or be at least a high school sophomore with written permission from a parent or guardian.  You do not have to be a witch to attend.  We often have regular attenders from prior classes…and they are very welcome!  We also have people from many different groups…this IS NOT a preparation for becoming a part of any particular group, except, of course, the 2011 VPS First group.


How do I get more information or register?  Please email for additional information.