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How many times you have a chance to shoot a match, from your home range, competing against 7 other athletes not only from USA but all over the world?

You will not have to drive, expend money with gas, hotel or meals. You will not loose time on the road but just walk to your home range and face 7 other athletes all over US or abroad.

This new Finals format, brings a shooting environment totally different from the previous one.

 You need to feel the same atmosphere and set your training to this new reality. Why not shoot a full match and the finals afterwards to feel all the excitement and learn to control that. This is a top of the line training opportunity to all who aspires being better and better on this amazing sport.

I’m introducing the opportunity to shoot a full match of 60 shots, from your home range, competing in real live time, with other athletes in US or abroad and then participate on the new final format.

Some comments from the athletes that tested the system of the new finals using the Internet:

Coach Sill invented and implemented something so revolutionary in shooting sport that other will follow this in years to come. I took a part in his internet competitions /finals and all I can say – BRAVO coach. I lost my fear, lost my instability, lost my lack of concentration and all because I trained with my coach via intranet... Having college competitors from different countries makes our internet competitions just like international one with top level athlete and efforts to achieve high quality of shooting process. And all that you can get from your home shooting range....It is so useful experience that everyone in shooting sport should try. Sanela Dropulic - Croatia

"I have been shooting in Coach Sill's Internet-based matches and finals for several months. I find them to be a very valuable way to compete against other athletes from around the world, with many of the same pressures and distractions of an in-person match. I have particularly enjoyed the Finals format, with Coach Sill replicating the commentary and interruptions of an actual Final, which helps to prepare me for participating in a Final in one of the major competitions". John Cross - Washington

During the Internet Matches one can train all elements of the shooting in the presence of competitors. And it is never unreasonable to be prepared for finales. Oleg Romanov – Canada

"There is a saying – Practice makes you perfect. The only way to master the new ISSF finals is to experience it with 7 other participants – live in real time. Coach Sill's ISSF finals system and process is great. I have learn a lot and could never gain such valuable finals experience otherwise. It gives me the opportunity to try different strategies under the same intense pressure at a National level event. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to develop the mental ability to be able to shoot the finals in the new format.Nisreen Bagasra, Women’s Air Pistol #8 on the National Rankings.


"I participated in the online finals, and they have helped me get a good sense of what a real final would be like in competition. It gave me the same sense of pressure that I felt during the finals at Nationals last year. I really recommend participating in the online finals." Rachel Cantrell, Junior Idaho State Champion 2012 and 2013.

1- You don't need to have at your home range a electric target carrier or electronic. You can do the match with just a back stop. However you will need your computer with camera and Internet connection to shoot live matches with 7 other athletes simultaneously, no matter where they are located in the world. Also clubs can participate with the athletes with interest on the practice of this new kind of finals for air pistol.

2- Email coach Sill at: Sillintercoach@Yahoo.com and ask for the details to participate.

The next matches will be on Saturday's January 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th 2014 at 9 AM Boise, USA time zone.

New opportunities to shoot these matches: If two, three or more, in the maximum of 8 athletes, get together to shoot this kind of match at any day or night of the week, just email me at <Sillintercoach@yahoo.com> and set up the time to have the match. Now we have conditions to adapt to the time zone of the group of athletes that decided to participate.

3- If all shooting positions are taken, we will fill up a waiting list to set new dates. Max 8 competitors.

4- AFTER you reserved your shooting position with coach Sill, return to this page to make your payment of $35.00 (third five US dollars) via Pay Pall. The current athletes of the Academy can participate for free on those events.

If you want  to be the best as you can be, invest wise, invest on the training that will bring you closer to that ultimate goal. Happy shooting to all!


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