Enter general information about your project here.  This should be information from the front side of your Action Plan.  Paragraph 1 should be the issue that you have chosen to address.

Paragraph 2 should be the description of your proposed solution.

Paragraph 3 should be your elevator message. 

None of these paragraphs should be overly long.

You may also include a graphic by clicking on the grey box to the left and selecting "remove" (last option) then clicking on "insert" near the top left of the webpage and selecting the image you would like.  Try not to use a graphic that is much bigger than the grey place holder.  If you do not want to include a graphic, simply remove the grey place holder.

Tip: How to insert objects like these in your page.

OwnerDescriptionDue DateComplete
Julie Survey County Commissioners about interest October 29, 2009  
Mark Hold Brainstorming Session With Team October 12, 2010  
Mary Define Budget October 19, 2010  
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