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There are many Silicon Valley areas working as technology centers around the world. There are also many local groups and activities in these areas but no business partner and networking services site, specifically providing "Intelligent Outsourcing Services". is a business partner and IT broker alliance service providing you with reliable and cost efficient software product outsourcing partners. We do not just do development; We can also help you out with business plan analysis, strategy, scoping out requirements, defining project plans, product roadmaps as well as sales and marketing. Members in the alliance share revenue on a proportional basis.

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The SiliconValleyWorlds on LinkedIn is a social networking service enabling start up companies and business users to trade and exchange ideas, tools, resources and services. The site is organized around sub-groups focusing on clients, service providers, partners and events.Groups can be open or closed making it possible for a small group of people to confidentially share information. Silicon Valley Worlds promotes "Developing a Global Silicon Valley Mindset" through establishment of Virtual Silicon Valley Worlds.

Silicon Valley Worlds is a hosted service with applications, document sharing and for partners and managers of the groups full access including personal email at and on a select basis the same service for others. Our networking service is available here;