Company Overview

Established in April 2010, Siliconarts, Inc. is a leading provider of real-time ray tracing GPU technology.

Real-time ray tracing GPU technology is becoming a big topic in modern multimedia space as mobile device evolves to carry and manage huge 3D contents, and dealing surging expectation for more accurate, photo-realistic quality contents is of paramount concern. To fulfill the demand of the times, Siliconarts designed and announced RayCore Series 1000 - the cutting edge ray tracing hardware which enables to render natural lighting effects such as reflection, refraction, transmission, and shadows in an effective manner, proposing the most efficient way of implementing cinema-quality 3D contents in real-time basis.

In addition, the company is currently underway to develop ray tracing GPU chip for smart TVs and game consoles . Siliconarts is the one and only revolutionary GPU technology company that has secured a proprietary, source technology for real-time ray tracing rendering backed by comprehensive patent protection, enabling users to enjoy unprecedented stunning graphics experiences in their everyday life.



Company Highlights

 - World’s leading fabless semiconductor company in ray tracing graphics hardware
 - Introduced and licensed out RayCore® – the world’s first and fastest ray tracing GPU IP
 - Comprehensive patent protection in ray tracing hardware technology
 - Target markets include mobile, consumer electronics, and commercial applications in military and healthcare sectors