Siliconarts is a technology pioneer in 3D graphics space, continuously taking the lead in bringing breakthrough ideas and concepts out, and adopting them in new products to drive innovation for better quality of life.



   July 2012    Certified as KDB Pioneer Program Participant    
   May 2012    Attracted investment from KDB (Korea Development Bank)    


   Dec 2011    Attracted investment from LB Investment    
   Sep 2011    Acquired License of Venture company from the Korea Technology Finance Corporation    
   Aug 2011    Established Next-Generation GPU Technology Research Center    
  July 2011    Announced RayCore®, the world’s first Real-time Ray Tracing GPU IP    
   May 2011    Selected in government-run SMBA‘s R&D program for Research Center Establishment    


   May 2010    Selected in government-run NIPA‘s R&D program for further development    
   Apr 2010    Company established by four founders    


   Apr 2009    Ray Tracing Hardware Technology was developed in form of FPGA IP    


   Apr 2006    Professor Woo-Chan Park initiated research on Ray Tracing Hardware