Company Overview

Established in April 2010, Siliconarts, Inc. is a leading provider of real-time ray tracing GPU technology. Real-time ray tracing GPU technology is becoming a big topic in modern multimedia space as mobile device evolves to carry and manage huge 3D contents. Read More


Siliconarts, with its revolutionary ray tracing GPU technology, aims to grow into a global technology company. Read More


Siliconarts is a technology pioneer in 3D graphics space, continuously taking the lead in bringing breakthrough ideas and concepts out, and adopting them in new products to drive innovation for better quality of life. Read More


Siliconarts' culture promotes and inspires our team to be at the top of their technology division. We invite you to explore the opportunities available at Siliconarts.  Join us. Read More

Management Team

Siliconarts’ management team has an extensive track record of bringing revolutionary technologies to the market. Read More

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If you have any inquiry regarding sales, public relations, investor relations or general information, please leave us a message as we will contact you at the latest opportunity. Read More