RayCore® GPU IP


Ray Tracing GPU Chip

  RayCore® Series 1000 is the world's first real-time ray-tracing-enabled GPU IP that is available for wide variety of applications including smartphones, tablets, smart TV and handheld game devices. This state-of-the-art GPU IP provides cinema-quality 3D graphics in mobile devices by fully supporting fundamental ray tracing functions such as reflection, refraction, transmission, shadow and global lighting.

RayCore®  is designed based on patented MIMD (Multiple Instruction, Multiple Datastream) architecture which enables more efficient execution of parallel tasks, making it possible to implement dynamic 3D user interface / user experience, interactive 3D games, augmented reality and other 3D applications which are hardly implemented using rasterization GPU. 
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  Real-time ray tracing-enabled GPU chip innovates consumer electronics and a variety of commercial applications ranging from game consoles, smart TV to military simulators and healthcare equipments. Through ray tracing GPU applications, users benefit remarkable interactive, ultra super-quality 3D graphics contents.  Meanwhile, content developers would enjoy the benefit of lowering huge sum of cost and time related to 3D graphics contents creation.  
[Smartphone, Tablet, Smart TV and Embedded Systems]
[Game Consoles, Smart TV, Commercial Applications]