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Ray Tracing GPU Technology



RayCore® Series 1000 is the world's first real-time ray tracing-enabled GPU that is available for wide variety of applications including smartphones, tablets, handheld game devices and smart TVs. This state-ofthe-art GPU provides cinema-quality 3D graphics in mobile devices by fully supporting fundamental ray tracing functions such as reflection, refraction, transmission, shadow and global lighting. Read More   Ray tracing is a cutting-edge technology that creates high-quality, photo-realistic 3D images, which outperforms other technologies such as rasterization, ray-casting and scanline rendering. 3D graphics images of ray tracing technology are generated  by tracing a ray path from an imaginary eye through each pixel in a virtual screen, and calculating the color of the object visible through it. Read More   Experience Siliconarts' exquisite real-time ray tracing demos running on RayCore®.



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▪ Fully hardwired ray tracing logic
▪ Flexible and scalable MIMD architecture
▪ Efficient cache-based memory system
▪ Smaller silicon area with minimal transistors
 Low memory bandwidth load comparable to
  that of rasterization GPU


▪ Natural lighting effects in real-time basis
▪ Lowest power consumption and small silicon
  area to load content-rich 3D graphics

▪ Dynamic, user-customizable 3D UI/UX
▪ Massively reduced cost of creating 3D apps
▪ Revitalization of 3D apps store

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  Founded in 2010, Siliconarts is a leading provider of real-time ray tracing GPU technology. This next-generation GPU is designed to deliver cinema-quality 3D graphics by effectively implementing natural lighting effects and is targeted to serve mobile and embedded markets in form of GPU IP. Read More

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