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Opening Position: 3D Graphics H/W Engineer

    3D Graphics H/W Engineer design engineer with strong FPGA system design expertise as well as digital logic design capabilities.
    Will act as main contributor in design, analysis, and implementation of ray-tracing rendering H/W for semiconductor chip.


    - Will be part of IP Development Team developing high-speed ray-tracing H/W functions that enables ray tracing GPU
    - Contribute to the development of very high speed FPGA system
    - Contribute to the design and implementation of high speed interfaces
    - Design, simulate, and verify ray-tracing FPGA IP
    - Support technology transfer to product development teams
    - Support debug and characterization of design.

If you have a strong ability to learn and explore new technology and are able to demonstrate good analysis and problem solving skills, this is the ideal position for you. To apply, please send us your resume and cover letter to