Invited Speakers and Special Sessions

Dr. Will McClatchey: Finding reciprocal value in language for botanists and linguists 

Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology, University of Florida

 M.S. in Botany, Brigham Young University

 B.S. in Pharmacy & Anthropology, Oregon State University

One of Will McClatchey's research interests is ethnobotany, with a focus on hypotheses about patterns of human interactions with plants and ecosystems. His Solomon Islands research includes questions combining plant systematics, biogeography, and ethnobiology. He worked collaboratively with linguists on the Babatana dictionary. 

McClatchey is currently developing an orchard management experimental farm in Oregon that will be financially self-sustaining and focused on testing traditional European management practices of Asian fruit trees that are integrated within a matrix of native plant biodiversity that is resilient to drought and diseases. This is an applied version of field research over the last decade. Through all of this there is an expectation for development of work on food culture, sustainability economics, and conservation/restoration of beverage vocabularies.

Special Session on Ethnobotany and Linguistics

In conjunction with McClatchey's presentation, we invite papers on ethnobotany and linguistics. An ethnobotany workshop co-sponsored by scholars from the Solomon Islands Forestry Department is scheduled in the afternoon, with access to specimens and discussion of linguistic factors to consider in lexicography work within the botanical domain.


Special Session in Memory of Dr. Frantisek Lichtenberk

Dr. Frantisek Lichtenbirk

We invite papers related to topics represented in the works and interests of noted Oceanic linguist Dr. Frantisek Lichtenberk (1945 - 2015).

Frank was an accomplished field linguist, producing extensive grammars in the Manam language of PNG and the To'aba'ita language of the Solomons. He also made many highly regarded contributions to the field of linguistic typology. He will be fondly remembered as a dedicated teacher and supervisor by his colleagues and the many students who studied under him during his long tenure at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.


Consortium for Language Development in the Solomon Islands, Deborah Hill  

There will be a general interest meeting Saturday afternoon regarding a Consortium for Language Development in the Solomon Islands, led by Deborah Hill. The intention is to seek to draw together individuals and organizations interested in working together to facilitate and coordinate language development in the Solomon Islands. 

Dr. Alex Francois - Words from our Ancestors: The art of sung poetry in northern Vanuatu

           Ph.D. in Linguistics, Université Paris-IV Sorbonne 

M.A. in Linguistics, Université Paris-III
B.A. in Linguistics (option African linguistics), Paris-III Sorbonne Nouvelle

Alex François has conducted fieldwork on a number of hitherto undescribed, and often endangered, Oceanic (Austronesian) languages from northern Vanuatu and eastern Solomon Islands. He works on the description and analysis of these languages, both in their typological and historical dimensions. Beyond linguistics, his projects also aim at supporting the maintenance of endangered languages, as well as documenting the oral literature, poetry and music of these communities. Together with ethnomusicologist Monika Stern, he published a selection of his Vanuatu musical recordings, in a CD released in 2013.

Small Malaita Panpipe Dancers

Special Session on Ethnoarts and Linguistics

In conjunction with Francois' presentation, we invite papers on ethnoarts (music, dance, poetry, crafts) and linguistics for a special session on Friday.