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 14/09/2017         Letter to President of Kyrgyzstan

Re: Judicial proceedings against Ms. Cholpon Djakupova, Ms. Dina Maslova and Mr. Narynbek Idinov

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 11/11/2016         Letter to Minister of Foreign Affair Guyana concerning support for UN resolution on moratorium of death penalty
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 Letter to the Prime Minister of Thailand and the Minister of Social Development and Human Security regarding the welfare of a child born through surrogacy and the rights of the commissioning parents. Click here to read the letter.


 Mexico: Letter to the Governor of the State of Baja California regarding a missing police officer who has been reportedly tortured and ill-treated along with 24 other police officers. English version. 

 Colombia: Letter to President of Colombia regarding protection for lawyer Rommel Jonathan Duran Castellanos and ill-treatment of his clients. English  version Spanish version. 
 31/03/2015Mexico: follow-up letter sent to the Mexican Ambassador to the EU  regarding disappearances and impunity: the case  of  Lieutenant Miguel Orlando Muñoz  Guzmán and similar cases from the past and present. Click here to read the letter.
 Colombia:  Letter  sent to the authority responsible for prisons in the South-western region of Colombia (INPEC) regarding serious concerns due to the inadequate healthcare  for persons detained in these institutions. English version. Spanish version. 

 Mexico: Letter sent to the Mexican Ambassador to the European Union regarding disappearances and impunity with reference to the  case of   Lieutenant Miguel Orlando Muñoz Guzmán and similar cases from the past and present. Click here to read the letter.  
 02/11/2014 Letter sent to the King and Prime Minister of Swaziland regarding the arrest, conviction on contempt of court charges and continued detention of Bhekithemba Makhubu (Editor- in- Chief of the sole independent newspaper in Swaziland)  and Thualani Maseko (a prominent human rights lawyer) . Click here to read the letter.  
 13/10/2014 Letter sent to the President Magistrate of the Constitutional Court of Guatemala regarding the selection of high-court judges. Click here to read the letter. 
 18/08/2014 Letter to sent to the President of Colombia regarding the arbitrary arrest and detention of lawyer Rommel Duran Castellanos . Click here to read the letter .  
 Letter sent to the Colombian Embassy  in partnership with other NGOs relating to death threats against Alfamir Castillo and others. Click here to view the letter. Click here to view cover letter sent to the Colombian Embassy by SIHRG dated 14 July 2014.  
 27/05/2014     Syria - re release of civil society activists click here 
 14/05/2014 Letter to British Ambassador in El Salvador regarding muli-faith event in El Salvador

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 22/04/2014 Letter to Commissioners from SIHRG, ABA and  lawyers Without Borders relating to the selection of the Prosecutor General of Guatemala .
     English version                Spanish version 
El Salvador:  Report on the continuing  human rights abuses towards the LGBTI community in El Salvador.
To view report  in English click  here    En Espanol click en este enlace
 31/05/2013  El Salvador; letter to the president regarding the murder of Tania Vasquez an LGBTI activst.

 22/05/2013 Colombia Threats to Alfamir Castillo - letter to the Minister of Interior
Mexico: Ms Alba Cruz - The need for immediate protection of human rights defender
 Mexico:  The non-compliance with decisions of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and Lieutenant Munoz Guzman case English version
 Guatemala:  Joint SIHRG and BHRC re concerns related to genocide and crimes against humanity trial.  English version  Spanish version
Colombia: Alfamir Castillo - threats to human rights defender; impunity for human rights violations
 Colombia  Palogord0 Prison. Letter to Inter-American Commission Rapporteur on Persons deprived of their Liberty 

Palogordo Prison letter  English version Spanish version

Palgordo Prison Report English version Spanish version

 Turkey Arrest and detention of lawyers.  Letter to the President   
 Guatemala Letter of concern regarding amparo in Genocide cases
English version   Spanish version
 04/01/2013 Colombia  Crespo  -  The unsafe conviction of David Ravelo Crespo
 English version     Spanish version
 Honduras Re murder of human rights lawyer, Antonio Trejo Cabrera and human rights violations in the Bajo Aguán region English version  Spanish version
              Mexico: concerns regarding the protection of human rights defenders in  
              Oaxaca      Letter to the President  English version en espanol
 03/07/2012 Mexico: concerns regarding threats to a lawyer in Guerrero state. Letter to the Minsiter of Interior  
                                                     English version             en  espanol
 29/05/2012   Honduras - concerns for the safety of human rights defender and journalist
               English version   Spanish version
Venezuela: the detention and treatment of Judge Afiuni and threats to her lawyers 

Letter English Minister of Interior and Justice     En espanol         Letter to Attorney General en espanol

 Colombia  Crespo -  update to UNSRHRDs
 21/04/2012  Letter to UNHCHR re Mexico and protection mechanism for journalists and HRDs 
 21/04/2012 UNHCHR re Mexico and protection for journalists and HRDs 
 03/01/2012 Mexico letter sent in January 2012 regarding non compliance with I/A System 
Mexico Non-compliance with I/A System Decisions    Email of thanks to SIHRG from Tlachinollan (lawyers' group in Mexico)
   Universal jurisdiction   
 Bangladesh  Farroque - police use of excessive force and restricting access to justice
 Colombia Crespo -  update to UNSRHRDs
  Colombia Crespo - update to UNSRHRDs
Colombia  Crespo - Update to UNSRHRDs
 Colombia Crespo - Urgent appeal to UNSRHRDs
Da Silva  Brazil:  impunity for murder of human rights and environmental activist and protection for other such activists
              Cruz - Mexico  lawyer and client threatened in Oaxaca state

 Dec 2010
 SIHRG submissions to the Chilcott Inquiry on Iraq - click here
 13/11/2010 Colombia Crespo   Colombia  - human rights defender and family threatened, fair trial issues: letter to AG 
      Venezuela: the detention and treatment of Judge Afiuni 
Mexico: Amicus Brief completed with BHRC relating to Valentina et al  

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