The links below take you to samples of the full guides. The samples will display about 3 slides out of the average 35 slides and commentaries of each guide.

1 a) What are human rights and are human rights universal? b) What is the relationship between democracy and human rights?

2 a) How do international human rights become binding in domestic law? b) Can international human rights law standards only be upheld in a context where the judiciary enjoys independence and there exists the rule of law?

3 a) Are human rights absolute? Reservations, limitations and non-discrimination as foundational to IHRL. b) The UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the World Conferences on Human Rights and the emergence of international mechanisms for the promotion and protection of human rights

4 UN Charter-based Mechanisms

5 UN Charter Mechanisms: UN Human Rights Council and UPR

6 UN Human Rights Council: UN Special Rapporteurs

7 UN Treaty-based Mechanisms: Treaty bodies with teeth? A focus on prevention and OPCAT

8 European mechanisms

9 Inter-American

10 African

11 Fair Trial Rights

12 Death penalty and death row phenomenon

13 Torture, inhuman and degrading treatment

14 Prisoner’s Rights

15 Racism, xenophobia and related intolerance