About Us

Keokuk County Schools Tactics on Alcohol Abuse Reduction was created  in 2008 through a grant through the US Department of Education's Safe and Drug Free Schools Program to Reduce Alcohol Abuse.  It focuses on education and action to reduce alcohol abuse amongst our middle and high school students at the four schools: Keota, Pekin, Sigourney and Tri-County.

Since then, it has developed into a multi-faceted project to include classroom curriculum, a student action team, and partnerships with parents, teachers and community members.
The three main goals include:
1. Decreasing binge drinking rates
2. Decreasing the acceptance of alcohol abuse
3. Increase the recognition that alcohol abuse is harmful to one's health.
Highlights of the KC STAAR Project:

Summer 2010: Parades at Keota, Hedrick, Keswick, Sigourney, What Cheer, Ollie & Delta

Summer 2010: Pool parties at Keota and Sigourney Community School District

Summer 2010: Hosted Movie in the Park twice

August 3: National Night Out Celebration

August 17-20: Sent Allan Glandon to UDETC Conference

August 23: Information at Pekin Roll Out

September: Administered MAST Survey with all 7th and 9th grade students

September: Administered GPRA local survey with all 6th-12th grade students

Sept. 28: KC STAAR Action Team Leadership Camp

Sept/Oct: Supported students to start “The Staar” Youth Center

Oct. 16: “Coaching for Prevention” Training for Teachers/Coaches

October 23-31: Red Ribbon Week Activities

Nov. 13: American Medicine Chest Challenge—Keota, Sigourney and What Cheer

Nov. 13: KC STAAR Teen Dance at Sigourney

Nov-Dec: Created Life Connections Video

Nov-Dec: Assisted in writing Strengthening Rural Iowa Grant for “The Staar”

Dec. 10: Movie night after Sigourney Basketball game

December: Chain of Life Display

Jan. 20: Chris Bowers speaks at Sigourney Assembly

Feb. 6-10: CADCA’s National Youth Leadership Training Initiative in Washington, DC

Feb 21: Allan Glandon’s Award Night—Sigourney Public Library

Feb/March: Assisted in writing Drug-Free Communities Grant for Schools and YSAP

Mar. 17 -18: Craig Hillier School Assemblies

Mar. 19: Midnight March Madness

April: Project Sticker Shock

April: Elected to Iowa AC4C Board of Directors, Elected to Treasurer

May 6: Dodgeball Tournament at Pekin

May 7: Adventureland

May 9: KC STAAR Appreciation Night

May: Supported Keota’s Rockin’ Prevention Annual Program

May: Recruiting new members

May: Alcohol-free graduation signs

June 23: Trip to Iowa Cubs Game

July 14-16: Booth at Keokuk County Expo Fair

August 2: National Night Out



Ongoing Accomplishments:

Stall Street Journals (Monthly)

Action Team Meetings: 9 countywide meetings

            Keota (Snakenberg)

            Pekin (Sines)

            Sigourney (Webb)

            Tri-County (O’Rourke)

Project Northland Curriculum:

            Keota: 6th, 7th, and 8th grade (Hil, Swanson, and Ingersoll)

            Pekin: 6th and 8th grade (Zoulek and Rex)

            Sigourney: 6th, 7th, and 8th grade (Bell and Mrs. Harter)

            Tri-County: 6th, 7th, and 8th grade (Edmundson and Long)

Reconnecting Youth/Life Connections

            Sigourney: 1st Trimester (Tunnicliff)

            Pekin: 2nd Semester (Zoulek)

            Tri-County: 2nd Semester (Tunnicliff)

Alcohol Edu Curriculum

            Keota: 9th grade (Snakenberg)

            Sigourney: 9th and 10th grade (Hobbs)

            Tri-County:  9th grade (Krumm)

Decision Education Foundation

Pekin Life Connections (Zoulek)

Pekin English (Higdon)

Pekin History (Hadley)

Sigourney Life Connections (Zoulek)

Sigourney JH Social Studies (Mrs. Harter)