Signature Tastes

with her last year? Why yes. Yes we do.  Those restaurant recipes and a whole lot more. We all remember a great meal…the company, the place, and the food.  Almost always, a few unique or signature dishes become representative not just of the restaurant, but what we remember about the place, hence the Signature Tastes cookbooks.

With one foot in the South and one in the Northwest, we capture the signature tastes from across the nation: restaurant recipes, famous foods, hidden eats and all sorts in between.  Everything we do is focused is focused on one thing...Place-Based Tastes.

Our Latest Offerings...

Hardtack and Haversacks
This is a best-selling collection of over 200 pictures and 100 actual recipes from the American Civil War

Our new format for Signature Tastes, these are 80 restaurant recipes from what Conde Nast has named 
"The Best City in the World"

Over 150 Recipes from Firefighters of every state and several countries. See how REAL firefighters fuel up for the fight!