Since 2001, Siftology has provided leading WEM services and specialty solutions.

Pre-Sales Consulting

Needs/Requirements Analysis

User Experience

Architecture Design

Architectural/Technology Review




Integrations/3rd Party

Custom Extensions


Workflow Tuning
Assist with business case, technology case and project scoping, and deliver executive explanation and presentation to help understanding and confidence in the solution.  Expert at translating tech-speak into business-speak, engendering confidence and concurrence.

Analyze your needs and requirements stated from a business point of view, translated to a quality technology and features requirements statement.

Whether it is ease-of-use, intuitive flow, rich features, or branding, your web design and the architecture of the solution can greatly enhance the user experience.  Your design needs are presented in story boards supporting detailed discussion and review.

The architectural design of your systems, including the CMS, the database, the add-on integrations are designed to provide for maximum performance, stability, robustness and minimum TCO.  Initial cost and support costs are characterized, to support quality business decisions.

Review your site, your engineering processes and your deployment processes for opportunities for improvement, best practices and cost reduction.  Relate your architecture and technology to business choices.

Install systems, configure environments, test components, stress for weakness detection.

Experts can reach in and identify problems that may otherwise seem intractable, or like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Problems identified are opportunities for improvement.

Healthy web sites need to be upgraded with new code releases and new technology advances.  And when upgraded, re-tested and stressed for robustness.

Integrating 3rd party solutions to improve the user experience.

Siftology has custom extensions that can greatly enhance the usability of your web site.

Siftology training is customized for your solution, your user team and your IT support team.

The usability of the web site for creating, deploying and maintaining content is critical to maintaining quality and controlling costs.
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