School Enrichment Program

School Enrichment Program (SEP) by the Batch of 1969.      The SEP planning website is HERE (login required)


The School Enrichment Program (SEP)  - Has been conceived, designed and organized by the SIES Alumni Batch of 1969 and administered with the support of the teachers, the headmistress and the management of the school.        

We are students who studied in SIES, and finished school in the year 1969. In February 2008, we had a reunion at the school –  many of us were meeting for the first time after almost 40 years and the occasion was both exciting and very moving. All of us felt very grateful for the strong foundation we had received while at school, and  we strongly wanted ‘to give back’ in some measure to our alma mater. This led to the formation of the SIES1969 group.

There are two ways in which this desire to give back has taken shape. One, we have financially supported a few projects in the school  such as providing audio connectivity to all class rooms, audio systems in the main school hall and in the AV room as also providing a few educational aids in the school. The total financial help we have provided so far is a little over Rs. 3.0 lakhs. 

The other is the "School Enrichment Program" or SEP.


What is School Enrichment Program (SEP)?

Broadly SEPs are planned as an extension of education at the school.They are informal sessions that expose children to ideas and programs that are not part of the school curriculum but essential for the overall developmenyt of the child’s personality. We hope that such informal sessions will make learning more enjoyable and connected to the ‘real world’.


Children have a natural curiosity to know – which the stress of the modern day education system tends to kill, slowly and cruelly. The conventional ‘subjects’ also compartmentalize learning, put the emphasis on examinations and marks, and encourage rote learning, destroying original thinking.


We felt that, without disturbing the academic curriculum of the school, it would be possible to introduce events and activities in after school hours, that would rekindle interest in learning, expose children to a wide range of knowledge areas, connect learning to real life, and give children opportunities to think for themselves and apply their learning in their own lives.     


From the start, we have taken care to maintain our two principal operational goals- that these activities would not put any additional teaching burden on the teachers; and that they would not tax students/parents financially. We have alwys strived to carry out only such activities as have the consent of the headmistress and the management.


With the initial push from the former headmistress, Ms. Shobha Venkateswarn and continued enthusiastic support of the present headmistress Ms. Mangala Panchapakesan and their colleagues, we have been able to conduct such programmes  in each academic year beginning in 2008 and continuing through the year 2011-12.

We have received positive feedback from the students and teachers who have  participated in these programmes. 

List of SEPs Conducted in the school:


 Program/Audience Topic Resource Person Date Time Report/Photographs
 Theater workshop     
 Eng. classes     
 Growing Up     
 First Aid - BLS     


 Program/Audience Topic Resource Person Date Time Report/Photographs
 Standard 9 Theater Classes Theater Professionals 7.6.10 Two hour session Report
 Standard 5,6,7 Magic show, movie appreciation Shanta, USEFI 29.8.10 Three hour session Report
 Four Students 'Seeds of Peace'  Shanta, USEFI 25.9.10 Three hour session Report
 60 Students from Std. 9  Theater Workshop Marc Weinblatt 15.1.11 2, three hour sessions Report
 4 teachers "Filmi Chasma" getting movie into class room. Filmi Chasma Nov '10 - Feb. '11 one hour per week, 10 sessions. 
 Std . 8 Puppet Show Two British Puppeteers 24.2.11 3, one hour sessions Report
 23 Teachers English Classes for Vernacular teachers Ms. Asmita MehtaAugust '10 - Mar. '11 30, 1 hour sessions, twice week



Program/Audience Topic  Resource Person   Date Time   Report/ Photographs

Interactive session for Students and Parents of std. 10

Stress Management Dr. Vihang Vahia  30.6.09  11 AM - 1 PM
"Growing up" for Standard 7 girls "Growing up" Dr. Vinita Salvi  9.7.09  3 PM - 4 PM
Interactive session for select students of Std. VII  "Mumbai - The story of a City"  Ms. Deepa Krishnan  9.9.09  3 PM - 4 PM
Screening for Bronchial Asthma Medical Check For std. 8 and 9 students Chest Medicine Department. KEM Hospital.  9.11.09/10.9.09  5 hours each  Report
For school teachers  English Poetry Teaching workshop Radha Ramaswamy  20.11.09  1 PM - 4 PM
For school teachers Communications and soft skills- theater way Professional theater group  21.11.09  9 AM - 1 PM
For 40 students of middle school Communications and soft skills - theater way Professional theater group   21.11.09   9 AM - 1 PM.
For 20 teachers of preprimary and first standard Communications and soft skills - theater way Professional theater group   28.01.10  9 AM - 12 noon
For 20 teachers of standards 1,2,3 Communications and soft skills - theater way Professional theater group   28.01.10  1 PM - 4 PM


For 50 teachers of the secondary school Preventing suicides in school children Prof. Shubhangi Parkar, Head of Psychiatry, KEM Hospital  09.02.10  10.30 AM - 12. noon



Program / Audience


Resource Person




Talk - for Std. VII & VIII girls

Growing Up

Dr. Vinita Salvi*


3.00 to 4.00 PM



Interactive Session - for Students

Time Management

Past SSC students


3.00 to 4.00 PM



Interactive Session - for Students

Stress Management

Dr.Vihang   Vahia**


1.30 to 3.00 PM



Session - for teachers

Stress busters

Dr. Vihang Vahia**


3.00 to 4.00 PM



Interactive session - for Std. VI-VIII students

Mumbai – Story of a city

MsDeepa*** Krishnan


3.00 to 4.00 PM



Visit for Eco Club students

Visit to Conservation Education Center of BNHS

Ms. Priti Chowgale, BNHS


7.00 AM to

2.00 PM

Sorry, no photos

For school's HM

"Kaizen" workshop

Shanta Ramakrishnan



9.00AM to 1.00 PM

Sorry! No Photos

For std VIII students

"Use and misuse of plastic"

Presentation by "Yuva"


3.00PM to 4.00PM

Sorry! No Photos

For Senior students

Workshop on "Converting  household waste into useful products

Mr. Venkatraman


2.00PM to 4.00PM


For Senior students and Teachers

Basic Life Support Workshop

Dr. Narayanan

Dr. Subramanian


1.30 to 5.30 PM



*        Prof. of Obstetrics and Gynecology, GS Medical College and KEM Hospital
**        Hon. Prof. of Psychiatry, GS Medical College and Cooper Hospital
**        MBA, Banking Technologist, and owner, Mumbai Magic

SEPs planned for 2010-2011:

Enrichment programs for Students

Lectures by professionals in the field:

“Growing up” for Girls

“Growing up” for boys

History of Mumbai

“Our place in the universe”– Speaker from Nehru planetarium – std. 9

Learning Poetry – with a difference

Stress Management– Std 10

Beating the bugs – An animated tour into the world of viruses, bacteria and parasites

You brain and your heart  - see them as they are.


Basic Life Support – Stds 8,9,10

Puppetry workshop

Pottery workshop

Art workshop

Magic show – learning magic

Model aircraft Flying club demonstration in Indian Gymkhana

Robotics from IIT

Cinema appreciation programs - Saturdays

Visits/outdoor activities :

Visit to Bhaudaji Lad Museum in Victoria Gardens for History of Mumbai

Butterfly Walk – Bombay Natural History Society

Visit to Parle confectionery factory – Vile Parle– standard 7

Community work – in school locality

Volunteering in a hospital – Standard 10 – after board exams.

Visit to recycling units

Visit to a blood bank

Student film producer - A video tour of "This was my day" by a pair of secondary school students every day/week. Go anywhere in the city and capture whatever you fancy.


Student – Teacher Debate   

Student- student debates

Inter school students’ debates

Inter school teacher debates


Roller Skating


Awards for best suggestions from students

School Banner Competition

Create a Students’ website “for students by students”

Enrichment program for Parents:

Solicit parent volunteers

After school supervised homework with parent volunteers

Manage your money – wisely

Volunteering in a hospital

Enrichment Programs for Teachers

Theater workshops for teachers

Programs/scholarships for teachers through USIEF

Sessions on Poetry for Teachers

Inter school teacher meetings

Visit your neighbour (a school)

Academic publications and paper presentation in conferences by teachers

Teachers as Visiting faculty from /to other schools

Awards for best suggestions from teachers

Mentoring by subject experts for teachers

Leaching maths in a fun way

The fun of Cartooning - A light session for teachers

Lecture on  -Manage your money- wisely


Theater Classes for students:

During the Academic year 2010-11, we introduced students friom Std. 9 to Theater Classes. This was a run-away success and based on this experience in the year 2011-12, we are having these classes for Stds. 9 and 10.
The world we live in is growing more and more challenging day by day. Besides the academic programme that everyone has to deal with, our children also face a bewildering array of exciting developments in communication, technology, entertainment, and face enormous choices in career opportunities, at the same time as they see the world growing and more polarized into ‘rich’ and ‘poor’. There are also other dangerous divisions that disturb our peace and endanger our lives. In such a world, it is important that our children learn skills that will empower them to think for themselves, make decisions confidently, work with people in groups, be creative in finding solutions and expressing themselves.
A fun way to acquire many of these skills is through theatre workshops.  
We have identified a group called Theatre Professionals, a company that finds theater practitioners who are willing to bring their professional theater skills to work with school children.

The theatre programme will actively do the following:

i.  Enhance creativity and creative problem solving.

ii. Develop socialisation and team work skills
iii. Becoming good storytellers and developing stronger communication skills

The group is already working with Bombay International School, and  Sadhana School for children with Down Syndrome.
instructors don't look at drama just as a means to put up a school production, they approach it as a subject and a tool that enriches and enhances education.

This year, we arranged 5  workshops, two for students and 3 for teachers, in collaboration with this group. The teachers’ workshop had different goals from the students’. Teachers were exposed to several games, exercises and strategies that they could usefully use in their classrooms to make teaching and learning more fun and more effective. Both the teachers and students who participated in the workshops found them extremely enjoyable as well as educative.

In the coming year we are trying to introduce an ambitious theatre programme. Because we feel that theatre is the most powerful tool we can use to teach our children skills for life. 

From the academic year beginning June 2010, Theater classes will be held once a week - for one hour - for each division of Standard 9. There will be  a total of 25-30 sessions through out the year. The classes will be conducted by professional theater teachers from a group called "Theatre Professionals" One teacher from our school will also be assisting in these classes which will be conducted in batches of 30 students. As a unique experiment, we will be video recording the year-long course of two batches to document and research the effects that this program has on the progress of the students. These classes which will cost several lakhs of rupees will be funded, in the main, by our group through donations from well-wishers.Though taught as a subject, it is pure fun and no examinations will be held in this subject at the end of the year. However, periodic assessment of progress will be made.

The year long classes started  on July 7, 2010 and ended successfully in March 2011.

The impact of these classes on the students was so positive that both teachers and students (now in std. 10) made a strong plea to continue these classes into Std. 10. This was done and in the academic year 2011-12 both Std.9 and Std. 10 classes have Theater Classes. In Dec. 2011, Std. 10 kids who have now had "theater Experience for two years" put up about 10 plays at the Bharatiya Hall. These plays were of high quality and content and hailed by all present.

Since its inception, till December 2011, our batch has contributed close to Rs.4,00,000 for the conduct of the theater classes and we hope other batches will help us fund this activity on a continuing basis.

Syudents assistanceship Fund

We conducted a survey earlier in 2010 which helped us identify students from economically severely disadvantaged families. Our group has embarked on an ambitious program to collect a corpus to provide some financial  support to these students.  We would be grateful if the PTA can guide and help us in this endevour. More details are here.

How can the PTA help?

We have always felt that none of our programs can be successful beyond a limit without active participation of teachers and parents. After all you have high stakes in such programs. We have been getting steady support from the teachers, and we have already approached them for more formal support in the form of coordinators for the SEPs and six have already volunteered, and we are very grateful for this enthusiastic help. Similarly we are sure that among the parents group there will be numerous ideas for more and comprehensive activities for children. We would be delighted to  work with parents in achieving their goals and aspirations for their children, as far as SEPs, the “Beyond Academics” programs are concerned. 

Our eventual aim is that we will be able to draw on the resources available with all alumni - not just of our batch - but also of other batches as well as the parents and teachers in the school to help in the enrichment of school activities - both curricular and extra curricular, and thus enrich our children’s education.


To sum up, the following are our expectations from the PTA


1.      Form a small core group of 4-5 members to coordinate SEP activities with the School and us.

2.      To brainstorm with other parents ideas for such activities

3.      To locate resource persons for carrying out some of these activities

4.      To help in the actual conduct of the SEPs on the days that they are scheduled in the school.

5.      In consultation with the headmistress explore the possibility of establish an “after hours”  group to help children with their home work.

6.      Eventually, we hope that the PTA will take over the SEP programs and work

     directly with the school.


We have a dream of making our school more student and teacher friendly, the school years to be memorable and pleasant for our kids, and the environment conducive to making them well informed members of the society. We cannot do this alone. The school management and the faculty have supported us enthusiastically this past two years; with support from the parents we can take a quantum leap in the scope and variety of activities.

Come join us.. our children will definitely learn while they are at school…let them also have fun while they learn…

How can you help?

If you are an Alumnus of the SIES School or just someone, anywhere in the world,  with a interest in school education and if you have suggestions and ideas for our SEPs, we would be delighted to hear from you!

For further information or for passing on your suggestions and ideas, please write to