Google Groups - How to's

Many friends have often asked help with posting on our SIES1969 Google Group. 
Hence, this FAQ page has been created.
(For ease of viewing, this page has large images and will take a while to load - please be patient)

You may also want to look at the following links related to our group's web-based activities:

This is how our Google Groups Home Page looks like.

How do I get this page?

Use this web-page address: 
(You can add this to your favouriites or bookmarks on your browser)

You can explore the links on this page (above or below the photos) and everything on the web to do
with our group is linked from here. The links are,of course, self explanatory.

How do I see the discussions (posts)?

On this page, there is a link "Discussions" on the right pane, click on that.

You will then see this page. 

You may want to switch to another view given below (the one I prefer)  by clicking on the "Topic List" link 
at the top left just below the dark yellow horizontal band.

You will the see a page as below:

You can now click on any thread (topic) and see all the posts within the thread, like this:

But, how do I reply?

To be able to reply to a post or start a new thread (topic), you have to sign in

And how do I sign in?

On the top right of this page , you see a sign in link, click on that 

and the following box will pop-up - like this:

But, what do I write in the e mail and password?

If write my email and password or whatever else, I am still denied access.

The above authentication requires that you have a "Google account". If you have  a Gmail account, 
 that will work for you just fine; but,  if you have any other e mail ID, you first have to create a Google account .  
For this you have to click on the link "Create an account now" link at the bottom of the screen above.
(Creating this account is safe and you have no security or spamming risk in this)  and you will see a page like this.

Here enter your full email address (whatever it be) and the password (preferably the one you use to acces it); 
complete the rest of the form and OK your way ouy. In minutes, you will receive an e mail to your 
ID  (the one that you used to create the Google account) asking for confirmation. Once you do that, 
your Google Account has been created. 
You can now go back to the Sign In page of our group, enter these Google account credentials 
that you just created and you will now be logged in, 

OK. I am signed in. How do I reply to a post?

At the bottom of each post, at the left, there are three links as follows:

If you click on "Reply", a box will pop up like this:

You can type the reply where the cursor is and click on "Send" (bottom left)

You will then get a confirmation message and your reply will then appear at the bottom of all posts in this 
thread in a few seconds (it may take upto a minute at times) . 
You may have to "Refresh" the page (press F5) to be able to see your reply.

What about the other two links in the box below?

If you click on "Forward", a pop up box will allow you to send this message to an addressee you choose and,
If you click "Reply to author", your reply will be sent only to the author of the post you are replying to and not be 
seen on the Group as a whole.
However, it is important for you to remember that accepted  Group etiquette mandates that you should reply 
to posts on the group only on the group and not send it as personal e mail reply to the author. 
Which means, by and large, you will be clicking on the "Reply" link to reply to posts.

Also, when you click "Reply" in the box that appears, there will be a link "Add CC", 

where you can add the e mail IDs of recipients you want to or even of the author. This will instantly reach the in box of the 
addressees, as also appear on the group.
I would suggest that that you had better not use the "Edit Subject" link unless you are an advanced user.

How do I start a new thread (topic)?

For this you have to be first signed in and be on the "Discussions" page".
On the top right, just below the discussions like there will the be a link "New post" as follows:

Click on this link and on the box that follows you can make your post.

How do I delete a post I have made by mistake?

Only the person who had made the post and the Moderator can delete a post. It is not possible for any one
to just make changes in a post and repost it..

To delete your post, be sure you are Signed into the Group. Open the post you want to delete.
Click on 'More Options' on the top right of the post

Then on the screen that opens up, Click on 'Remove'

On the following screen, click on 'Yes. remove it now'   and then press the 'Confirm' button

This is all way complicated for me, is there a simpler way to post and reply?
To start a new thread (topic), you just have to send an e mail to 
Make sure you have a subject written in the "Subject line" of your mail

To reply to a post, follow this:
Each of you will be receiving E Mail notifications about the group activities such as this one:

You can click on the link below each summary (or full mail if some of you have configured it that way), 
and follow the same steps above on the windows that follow.

How do I configure the settings of the e mail notifications that I receive from the group.

At the bottom of the links on the right on the "Home page" of our group, there is a link called
"Edit my membership" as below
(you need to be logged in to be able to do this)

When you click this link, the following screen pops up:

Here you can configure the way you wish to receive e mail notifications from the group. 
At this time, we will also request you to add a "nickname" in the appropriate box so, 
people can address you by that name on the forum.

You may also want to look at the following links related to our group's web-based activities: