Get your ID

Get yor own All New E Mail ID **    
(To be eligible for this service you have to be an alumnus of the 1969 SSC batch of the SIES High School, Mumbai, India)


To get your own e mail ID, pl. send a mail to with the following details:



Your name exactly as you would like it to appear in the e mails that you send( for eg. Ravi Ramakantan)

Your desired login name (it can be different from your name above) for eg: rrkem

Alternate e mail ID at which we can inform you of the creation of this new e mail.


Please allow 24 hours for the account to be activated


The features of the  e mail IDs are as follows:


yourname@sies1969 plus any number of aliases*

Provided by Google and customised for our group

Can be accessed from anywhere in the world

Disk space 7+ GB (7000+ MB)

Attachment size 20MB

Spam control by Google (like other e mail providers) .

Reliability ensured by Google

Can be used through Outlook Express, Thunderbird etc

Calendar, docs, sites, start page,talk and chat possible

You can get a personised web page with all Google gadgets.
You can import all contacts and mails from your old e mail ID into the new sies1969 e mail ID
You can access your other e mail IDs from the sies1969 e mail ID web interface
You will get invitations and automatic reminders for important events in and related to our group
You can have  email group IDs created to set a single mail to reach all in a particular group that you desire (such as your division alone
This ID will enable to to participate in all collaborative activities of of our group on the web at the domain

You have the warm feeling of having your group's name on your email ID!


 Please allow 24 hours for the account to be activated


The additional services that you will have with your sies1969 e mail ID are:                Help page for these applications


Click here for the common login page for all applications

 E Mail  
 Start Page


** Oh! No. I do not want the headache of having to check mails on more more e mail ID!

Actually you do not have to. The beauty of this e mail service is that - just once - after you log on to your new @sies1969 e mail ID, you can configure it to automatically forward all mails to another e mail ID that you use commonly. To do this, go to the "Settings" tab on the top right of your e mail screen (after you login) and select the "Forwarding and POP" tab from this page;  enter the relevant details and you are done. No more hassles of checking separately for mails on this ID.