The Hudson River Subwatershed & Tributary (THuRST) Research Network is a partnership of Colleges, Universities, and research institutions working in their respective, local watersheds, but using common methodologies, to answer a set of unifying research questions with answers of both scientific and community significance.

Why is THuRST important?

  • Understanding water quality in the tributaries is crucial for protecting and restoring the Hudson River.
  • There are many colleges and universities working in their local watersheds; THuRST provides a network for pooling resources and expertise because “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.
  • By examining a set of common research questions, we can identify commonalities (and differences) between the Hudson subwatersheds and translate this new knowledge to the Hudson community.
  • A partnership between colleges and universities provides a collaborative learning space for students and allows them to contextualize their local watershed within the larger Hudson watershed community.

Partnering Institutions



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