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What Difficulties and Problems Can Arise Through Marketing on a Fan Page?

When marketing through a social networking database, a company/business can run into some problems. Just like every means of advertising negative results are bound to occur. Though there are not many there are still some disadvantages that are associated with marketing through a social networking database such as Facebook:

  • Negative Wall Posts/Feedback
  • Competitors viewing new product/service ideas
  • Can annoy Fans with too many updates or invites
  • Increase competition among competitors via Social Networking
  • Does not promote dialogue
    • Generally the communication is more one-way and informational than conversational
  • Time consuming and commitment
    • You need to find someone within the company/business who has the knowledge of how to update the page and is dedicated to updating the page regularly
  • Fans are not automatically notified of new content and are not guaranteed to return.
    • The company/business needs to be aware that some people do not sign on their Facebook everyday and therefore the company/business must send out notifications of their Fan Page updates.