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Governor supports development of new Southeastern Indiana Port

posted Jan 14, 2016, 7:26 AM by Lane Siekman   [ updated Jan 14, 2016, 7:26 AM ]

In his 2016 State of the State Address, Indiana Governor Mike Pence called to "vigorously explore" building the state's fourth port in The Ports of Indiana-Jeffersonville is one of three ports throughout the state.southeastern Indiana. The Ohio County Economic Development Corporation ("OCEDC") is proud to be an important part of this existing new opportunity. OCEDC provided initial funding for Phase one of the Southeastern Indiana Port Study and has been a leader on this issue.

In last Tuesday's State of the State Address, Pence stated that "Indiana's ports have also been spectacular catalysts for job growth. That is why I have called upon the Ports of Indiana to vigorously explore the building of a fourth port in the far southeastern part of our state, which could unleash enormous economic investment throughout the southeast region of our state."

OCEDC has been working with the Ports of Indiana which is a statewide port authority created by state legislature in 1961 that operates three ports on the Ohio River and Lake Michigan. The three ports include Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor (opened in 1970) on Lake Michigan and two ports on the Ohio River: Port of Indiana-Mount Vernon (opened in 1976) and Port of Indiana-Jeffersonville (opened in 1985).

"It's very gratifying that Governor Pence sees our ports and marine highways as vital parts of his transportation, infrastructure and economic development initiatives," said Rich Cooper, CEO for the Ports of Indiana. "He has asked us to explore the development of a new port in a southeast Indiana area that has long been very intriguing to us and is highly worthy of a closer look. We share the Governor's belief that there is tremendous opportunity for Indiana to build on its past port successes and further leverage its access to railroads, highways, and the Gulf of Mexico via the Ohio River to generate economic development opportunities in a new region of our state."

The mission of the Ports of Indiana is to develop and maintain a world-class port system that operates as an agile, strategically-driven, self-funded enterprise dedicated to growing Indiana's economy. Funding for the creation of Indiana's three ports was provided by state appropriations, but ongoing operations and capital investments are funded by the Ports of Indiana through operating revenues. Indiana's two existing river ports have a combined economic impact of over $2 billion per year and support 15,000 total jobs.

"We would like to build on this success and further leverage synergies between our existing ports," Cooper said. "We feel fortunate that our Governor and our state legislators have been very supportive of our port system and truly understand the benefits of having a robust multimodal transportation network that supports business growth and economic development. We look forward to working with community leaders in southeast Indiana as well as our public and private partners to pursue the next steps for the potential development of a new port."

OCEDC Executive Director, Lane Siekman stated that his organization is supportive of the Port development and has worked closely with the Ports of Indiana on the idea. "This is a long-term opportunity for our part of the State and something that can pay economic dividends for generations."

For more information, visit www.portsofindiana.com or www.risingsunworks.com

SEIGA Report: SB 528 Bad For Casinos, Communities

posted Mar 13, 2013, 3:02 PM by Lane Siekman

If passed in its current form, Senate Bill 528 would have a negative impact on southeast Indiana’s casinos, as well as the governments and organizations who depend on casino tax revenues, a new report argues.


SB 528 is pitched by supporters as an expansion of gaming and a change for the better in the way casinos are taxed. The purspose, in theory, is to make Indiana’s 13 gaming facilities more competitive with a growing number of out of state rivals.


The legislation passed the Indiana Senate on February 25. It is now being considered in the Indiana House where it may face a tougher challenge. The bill currently resides in the House Public Policy Committee.


The Southeast Indiana Growth Alliance is an organization – representing Ripley, Franklin, Dearborn, Ohio and Switzerland Counties, as well as the City of Batesville – promoting the region to businesses for economic development and job attraction. SIGA released a report to the area’s elected leaders this week titled “Southeast Indiana's Casino Industry: New Competition vs. New Legislation (Which One Is The Real Threat?).”



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