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posted Jan 22, 2014, 1:50 PM by Lane Siekman   [ updated Feb 15, 2016, 11:53 AM ]
My wife is a nurse and she is passionate about her work. Because of her and many other committed professionals, we have an excellent health care system in America. Due to decades of research,investment and hard work we have the finest providers and 
hospitals and most advanced technologies and medicines in the world. 
I’m very grateful for committed professionals like my wife because if someone you love is sick or injured nothing matters more than making sure that they get the care they need to feel well again.

But our health care system is far from perfect. It’s outrageously costly and frustratingly complex. Hardworking families and businesses are struggling with bigger and bigger bills, and rising costs are consuming federal and state budgets.

The system is frustrating to patients, providers and businesses. Patients face a maze of insurance rules. Doctors face a mountain of paperwork. Businesses face complex regulations. Too much time, money and talent are wasted. On top of that, there’s abuse and fraud. We must rein in the costs to our families, businesses and taxpayers. We can do more to root out waste and fraud, to promote preventative care, and to use electronic records to cut red tape.

One way or another we pay the cost of health care, whether it is through state and federal programs or through higher emergency room costs or higher insurance. Our goal should be an efficient system that provides high quality care to all who need it.