Keys to Success

Let pedagogy lead, iPads follow.
  • Prepare for innovation with evaluation of current practices, imagine ways in which current practices could be strengthened or improved and how iPads could contribute to that improvement.
  • Set up opportunities for teachers to engage students with iPads early in the planning process, then discuss experiences in the light of current best practices.
  • Create a culture of thoughtful discussion, experimentation and evaluation among the teachers and team leaders with high expectations for participation and reflection.
  • SAMR model:
Let the planning process serve as a catalyst for clarifying goals and objectives
  • Let teachers work as a team to clarify curricular goals and objectives, and set up theories about what could be improved with an innovation such as iPads.
  • Plan which aspects of curriculum could be strengthened through appropriate apps, alternative ways to experience and express learning. Establish an "app" review process that requires correlation to curricular goals and objectives.
  • Establish frequent, regular sessions to share and reflect on experiences with the expectation that teachers will constantly assess their approach with an eye to continual revision. 
  • Establish a culture of continuous evaluation - set up a framework for feedback and review with scheduled full program evaluations.