Recent Events

  • VBS Here, There and everywhere! -- Praise the Lord for a great summer of VBS. Our theme was “Searching for Treasure”. The best turnout was in Atamanova. The weather in Krasnoyarsk was a problem and resulted in a lower turnout than we hoped for. The inflatable was a huge success and helped to draw kids. Shila was a little disappointing because the week we held VBS overlapped an unexpected session of summer camp that the village administration sponsored. The regular kids who attend (16+) were away the whole week. But the good news is that almost every kid that attended was a new contact.

Ministry News

  • Garage Comes Tumbling Down!! - The final decision was that the garage had to go. At first it was a struggle to accept, but the Lord had a plan!! I was talking with the owner of the carwash next to the church and he offered to trade a pavilion tent for the garage - and he would do all the work to take the garage down!! AGREED !!! Now we have a GREAT pavilion that we have used this summer for VBS, Sunday school, ladies’ meetings, etc. It is a huge blessing. Plus, no more annual “clean the junk out of the garage” workdays!!


 Prayer Items

  • VBS follow-up. Pray we can keep contacts with the new kids who visited

  • Eugenia, wife of church member, Aleksei, recently saved. Pray for growth

  • Atamanova - new workers, kids to come faithfully, Antonyan family living there

  • Samuel, husband of church member, Galya, repented and has been growing


  • Availability of Bibles