Participating Teachers

    Program Requirements 
    • Completion of a two-year induction program aligned with California Teaching Commission Induction standards and California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP)
    • Application and synthesis of knowledge and skills acquired during teacher preparation 
    • Creation and implementation of an Individual Learning Plan (ILP)
    • Participation in professional development that is aligned with the teacher's assignment, assessment of student needs, and annual professional goals
    • Ongoing weekly collaboration with trained Mentor
    • Attendance at all meetings
      • Orientation (October)
      • Professional Development Advice & Assistance (3 virtual calls per year)
      • Colloquium (May)
    • Non-evaluative observations by (2 per year)
    • Observation of a veteran teacher (your Mentor or another qualified educator)
    • Submission of bi-annual reflections within the ILP
    • Submission of inquiry digital portfolios as evidence of teaching application 
    • Presentation of Individual Learning Plan and growth within the CSTPs to exit panel upon completion of Year 2                      
Eligibility to Participate       

"Through my inquiry, I have learned to not be afraid to step out of my comfort zone and implement new strategies...I have seen students' thinking deepen as they have shifted their focus from 'What is the answer,' to 'How do we get to the answer?'" 
-Participating Teacher

"Having support and someone to collaborate with, my mentor, was tremendously helpful for my growth as a teacher. I think continuing that relationship is beneficial to a teacher's success in their classroom.
-Participating Teacher