4) Master Flo/Modem, 1986-1994

Roles: Chief Technology Officer, VP Electronic R&D

Chief Technology Officer

Managed technology investments, usage and growth.

Vice President Electronic Research and Development

Global management of Electronic Research & Development team

Seven new products developed generating increased revenue streams of $3MM annually
Created relationship with developers in China in order to support joint manufacturing venture between Master Flo and the Republic of China; resulted in new factory in Shanghai, China
Created and managed Pro-Billing system improving billing accuracy while reducing operations overhead.

Managed inside sales team including direct marketing; Created Last Minute Deal program to generate revenue ($100k annual) from previously dead trailer space

Developed monthly client profitability and evaluation methodology increasing average per client value by 10% within first year
Master Flo Technology and Modem Transport
Privately owned entrepreneur businesses with shared management organization including President, Financial and Technology officers