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Core Competencies

·         Leadership and expertise in the development of standards, architectural governance, design patterns and IT practices.
·         Changes in procedures, systems, or processes that increase efficiency and reduce costs.
·         Experience leading cross functional teams fostering innovation, creativity and teamwork.
·         Leadership skills and traits that establish rapport, drive consensus, create solutions, and take ownership for decisions.
·         Appropriate decisions considering relative costs and benefits of potential actions.

v  Management, Leadership and Mentoring

v  Technology Architecture and Integration

v  Architecture and Standards Management

v  Service Oriented Architecture

v  IT Capability Evaluation/Roadmap Creation

v  Technology Risk and Change Management

v  Strong Written and Verbal Skills

v  Technology for Business Linkage Planning

v  High-Level Business Process Mapping

v  Electronic Commerce Strategy and Development

v  Cost of Technology Ownership

v  IT Organization/Management Reengineering