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Sunday June 10th

posted Jun 10, 2018, 3:39 AM by Amy McDonald

Last week students did an amazing job with their portfolio presentations! I'm so proud of their accomplishments as well as courage to present in front of peers, family and the community. 

Tomorrow is our field trip! We will leave at 6:45 sharp, please be on time.  We have an exciting day planned with plenty of time available for students to explore, learn, shop and eat!

This week we will continue to finish up some projects and work on graduation events and technicalities.  We will finish our Energy in Chemical Reactions unit, continue with a tectonic plates unit, write a letter to our graduating high school selves and much more.  

A few reminders: Jungle Book will practice on Tuesday and Thursday (I believe both days).  Thursday until 5pm, please arrive on time.  Field Day is on Thursday and rain date is Friday.  Jungle Book production is on Friday at 2 & 6:30.  

Enjoy this beautiful day!

Sunday June 3rd

posted Jun 3, 2018, 11:19 AM by Amy McDonald   [ updated Jun 3, 2018, 11:23 AM ]

Welcome June! So many exciting events going on this month, be sure to check the homepage to see a list of dates and events.  The most important event for this week is....PORTFOLIO PRESENTATIONS! Students have been working extremely hard on their portfolios.  If you have not checked out our ClassDojo, please do.  There are many pictures of students hard at work with their presentation boards, essays and slide/keynote presentations.  I'm very proud of their work and reflections on their learning experiences thus far.  I will be sending home a reminder including the dates and times for Portfolios and I'm including a schedule below.  Please remember to plan on attending the entire presentation session for your child and his/her partner.  Next Monday is our field trip to Boston.  The event starts early, be sure to arrive on time so that we can keep our scheduled events for the day.  Thank you to those who are attending, we are looking forward to this exciting event as well.  

This week will continue to practice our portfolio presentations with our partners and continue to receive coaching from community members.  We launched our Energy in Chemical Reactions Unit on Friday and will continue to work on it this week along with a math unit about area and blue prints.  

Please remember to send in your child's baby picture so that it can be included in the slide show for graduation.  Graduation is on Thursday June 21st at 6:30 pm.  As always, if you have any questions, please ask! Enjoy the beautiful day!

Thursday, June 7th                                             
9:00 - 9:30 Cedar/Alex                         
9:30 - 10:00 Arin/Brooklyn                      
10:00 - 10:30 Sage/Maisie                                     
10:30 - 11:00 Annabel/Forrest      
Friday, June 8th
9:00-9:30 Sarah/Levi
9:30-10:00 Cheri/Abby
10:00-10:30 Jordan/Tai
10:30-11:00 Josh/Nora

A bit of info about portfolios:
- We may run late, but we will never start a presentation early.
- All portfolio presentations take place in the music room.
- Each student speaks for about 7 -12 minutes.
- Of course, all family members and community friends are welcome to attend!
- Please enter through the music room > the door in the 5/6 corridor (across
from the 5th grade). Do not use the art room door. Thank you.
- Please try to see both students within your child’s timeframe - this supports all
learners and makes entering and exiting easier.
- Please be timely. Entering the room once a student has started to speak can
be very distracting and cause a student to lose track of their thinking or reading.

May 20, 2018

posted May 20, 2018, 3:36 PM by Amy McDonald

Happy Sunday SES!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Last week we made a lot of progress with our portfolios.  Students are eagerly working on putting together their speeches about "who they are as learners" and looking through years of work/projects from their elementary years of school.  

We began using ClassDojo and it has been a big hit! I love it because I can easily post pictures of students working on current projects, provide them with feedback on the 3R's (respect, responsibility, & ready).  They love it because they can create an avatar and earn individual and classroom points.  Students and I will work together regarding the points and how they would like to use them.  

This coming week we will be working on our assessment from our Mythology Unit of Study.  Students will have a choice about their assessment.  They have the option of creating a graphic novel/comic strip, a board game, a Facebook page for Ulysses or a Greek God/Goddess, create a skit (either write and or produce), and have a "free choice" option if they have something else in mind.  We have learned a lot about theme as well as perseverance through our study of Adventures of Ulysses and The Odyssey as well as the history of Greek Mythology.   

We are finishing up our culminating activity for Early Humans-"Superheros" Posters as well as our Literary Essays.  We are focusing right now on some Math Challenges and will begin a project next week, to be revealed next week.  

Have a great week and please make sure to check the ClassDojo App regularly so you can see videos, pictures and updates from class!
Ms. McDonald

May 16

posted May 16, 2018, 4:43 PM by Amy McDonald

A big thank you to the amazing parents of our 6th grade class on the Spaghetti Dinner and to our outstanding students!!! The night was extremely successful and enjoyable!  Here are a few pictures to capture the evening.  

May 6th

posted May 6, 2018, 3:16 PM by Amy McDonald

Happy Sunday SES!

We have a big week ahead with MCAS and Spaghetti Dinner! I'm looking forward to Spaghetti Dinner, our students are amazing and are sure to put on an phenomenal event!

This week we are working on finishing up our Early Humans Unit and our Greek Mythology Unit.  We will begin portfolios next week and move on to a Science Unit! Can't wait!!

April 30th

posted Apr 30, 2018, 3:26 AM by Amy McDonald

Happy Monday! Spring will finally be here towards the middle of the week and we are very busy in 6th grade! 

MCAS for math next week and then Spaghetti Dinner! We are looking forward to seeing everyone come support us and EAT!

The date for Portfolios has changed to Thursday June 7th & Friday June 8th.  Our field trip to Boston will be on June 11th. Graduation will be June 21st.  We are finishing up units in class and beginning the final units of the year.  We are working hard and excited for all the upcoming events over the next two months.  Check in to see the student of the month for April (coming soon).  

April 20th

posted Apr 20, 2018, 10:25 AM by Amy McDonald

Welcome Back! I hope everyone enjoyed their spring break!  We have a lot of exciting things happening in May & June-please keep checking back for updates on our homepage!

Math-we will continue to work with data and statistics this week
Reading- we will begin Adventures of Ulysses to continue on with our Mythology Unit
Writing-we will start a literary essay unit 
Social Studies-we will continue with Early Humans

Week of April 1st

posted Apr 2, 2018, 10:34 AM by Amy McDonald

Good Afternoon SES Families!  

We have quite a busy week this week.  We will have ELA MCAS on Tuesday & Thursday.  Students are well prepared and excited to use technology for the test this year!  

We continue to work on our Greek Mythology Unit in ELA/Social Studies as well as our Early Humans Unit.  Our in class Creative Narratives are EXTREMELY CREATIVE and exciting.  This week we will focus on editing/revising and we will be having a publication celebration soon! We are beginning 3D Figures in math, focusing on surface area, nets, and volume. 

Students' work is displayed throughout the school.  We have our polygon stained glass art in the hallway outside our room as well as our watercolors artwork for Greek Mythology.  Our Greek Shields are displayed in the cases in the main lobby they look very authentic and unique in design!

Student of the month for March is Cedar! Look for her Q&A, coming soon!  

Week of March 26th

posted Mar 26, 2018, 3:08 AM by Amy McDonald

Good Early Morning 6th Grade SES Families! 

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekends!  I would like to provide you with some weekly updates for in and out of the classroom.  Make sure to review our reminders on the home page as well!  

Last week we transitioned to focusing on "Daily Paragraph Editing" instead of Words Their Way as morning school review work.  Students are working hard in preparation of the upcoming MCAS.  This year both tests will be online and for ELA spelling & grammar "count".  That said, we are reviewing the basics so that we have a solid foundation for the test.  

We continue to work on our Mythology Unit in ELA.  For Writing Workshop we will complete our in school Creative Narrative Essay.  This essay is a model for the home book report essay.  By the end of the week students should feel comfortable and confident with transferring their experience in class to the home assignment.  We will also review how to write a compare/contrast essay this week and next week.  Our Mythology Unit is beginning to incorporate some in class projects as well.  We created our own Mt. Olympus and we are working on Greek Shields.  Check out our Class Photos Page to see some of our progress.  

With the conclusion of our Research Based Essay Unit we would like to have a Publication Celebration! Stay tuned as it will be hosted here, on our webpage!

Students continue to gain knowledge and confidence with their math skills.  We will be working on a culminating activity this week incorporating our experience and knowledge of area.  Make sure to ask students about the project and look for pictures to come!  We will continue with surface area and 3-D figures at the end of the week and next week.  

Our Early Humans Unit is off and running. Students specifically enjoy the video from Flocabulary, you can view/listen to the song from another class on youtube:  Students are learning the song to help understand the concepts along with other resources. 

Have a great week!

Week of March 12th

posted Mar 11, 2018, 4:45 AM by Amy McDonald

Happy Sunday 6th Grade SES Families! 

We are springing ahead!!!

This week we will continue to study and research early humans in Social Studies.  We will begin a unit in Science "Energy in Chemical Reactions" and we will begin our Greek Mythology Unit in ELA Workshops.  For Math we will continue to work with the area of enclosed figures and we have a new line up of students for Morning Meeting/Greeting and couch lounging! 

Enjoy your Sunday!

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