These are some of the bike that either I have made or had a significant hand in over the past few years...

The Video above is of Louisa's house move from Carlton to Fawkner. I was very proud of all the machines in this collection that I built many of with Louisa. Check out the Trailer at the front carrying all the back up bikes, then the trike and trailer carrying the Zebra, then the 4 wheeled machine, another trailer and then the bath. (The 6 wheel machine at the rear is also a beautiful thing though not built by myself, the front is by Ben of Trisled and the trailer by Moz the rider).

The Chopper




An internal and a single 



The Famous Bath tub Bikes



The Armchair Bike



The Recumbent

The Chariot

The Impact Bike

Classic Tall Bike



 Mega Trailer

This trailers footprint is the same as a Hyundai Gertz (an average small car)

and is capable of carrying 2 2500L water tanks as seen in the background

 or a couch and 3 person band (as was done within the 2007 Critical Mass Birthday ride).

When petrol hits $10 per litre