SHS Falcons Google Apps Transition to St. Vrain Apps

STOP! Your Google Account has changed!  
The district has moved to Google Apps, St. Vrain Apps, and you will begin using the new account starting August 1, 2011.  

Your SHS Falcons Google Apps will be turned off -- you have a limited amount of time to transfer your Google Docs (documents, spreadsheets, presentations) and Sites to  Starting in August of 2011, all students and staff will begin using the district installation of Google Apps Education, St. Vrain Apps

SHS Falcons will continue to function for staff members and students currently using the platform -- you will still have access to your current documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and Sites until October 2011.  Please do not use the SHSFalcons account for creating new documents for your classes.  If you need to access your account to move documents or sites, after October 1, 2011, you must send an email request to: SHS Falcons Google Docs and Sites will be turned off completely on December 31, 2011 -- any documents or Sites will be deleted at that time.  

SHS Falcons Gmail will be disabled on August 31st of 2011 for staff -- please begin forwarding any emails that you want to keep or save them in another fashion. Student email accounts will be turned off on September 30, 2011.  

Help Documents

Here you will find documents to help you transition your Sites, Gmail, and Google Docs.

Please read the section on sharing your documents -- you must make a copy, after sharing, and rename it in your account.  Otherwise, you will lost the document!

Resources & Links

Access district, Google, and 3rd-party resources and links to learn more about your transition options and St. Vrain Apps.

Your SHSFalcons Google Apps account is no longer accessible.

If you need to access your account to move documents or sites, you must stop by the Library or send an email request to:

Go to St. Vrain Apps...

To go to your St. Vrain Google Apps account, click here.  You need to use to your account for all new documents and Sites (same as your computer login credentials):