ASSIGNMENT 2: Entering a Contest or a Show

posted Jan 18, 2011, 11:24 AM by Traci Gauthier
You're going to enter a contest or a show!  

I want to you read the link:  and watch the video at the bottom of the article.  

The next thing you're going to do is find a contest.  It doesn't matter how far or near it is, you can mail or email everything, depending on the contest.  Use the link to help you find out how to find a contest.

You need to bookmark the site you find the contest or show on.  You'll have to show me/send it to me so I can help you.  READ about your contest and then START planning on what kind of picture you're going to take!  You'll have to use a DSLR to shoot your image and you'll have the option of using PhotoShop.  Some contests will not allow digitally altered pictures, so pay attention!

There are also TWO coffee shops in Longmont that have asked us to do a show and I'd like you to put at least ONE photograph in it.  It can be the same piece as the one you use for the contest.  The coffee shops are looking to put your work up in March and April.

By the END of TODAY (01.24.11)  You need to have found a contest you're at least interested in and bookmark the site.  You can also email this link to me to my SHS Falcons account.