Third Grade

Third Grade Enrichment allows students to think critically as investigators through a variety of engaging learning experiences. Students become investigators in the world of forensic science, investigators in the word of scientific research and finally as investigators in the world of bubble science.  Through each of these investigations students learn to pay attention to detail, take careful and accurate notes and to push their thinking.

Forensic Science Unit:
In the fall students enter the world of forensic science at Bedwell CSI!
Using real-world investigation techniques, third grade junior detectives collect evidence, perform scientific tests, and eventually solve crimes based on actual cases. Students also learn that in order to give their opinion on the case they must cite evidence, a writing technique that carries over into their classroom Writing Workshop.

Scientific Research Unit: In their next enrichment unit students learn to conduct research projects on endangered animal species using the Independent Investigation Method. Students learn how to take notefacts, cite resources, organize their information according to categories and turn their research into knowledge as they team up to create a project which displays what they have learned.

Bubble Science Unit: 
The warm spring weather is the perfect time for third graders to explore the scientific properties of bubbles and water. Students develop an understanding of the chemical and physical properties of bubbles as they learn to develop hypotheses, plan experiments, and interpret data.