Kindergarten enrichment units are designed to develop students' curiosity, provide thought-provoking learning opportunities and complement their their classroom learning.

Sign Language Unit:
Students engage in interactive storytelling, utilizing sign
language, music, movement and props, as a segue to new as well as familiar literature.  Special emphasis is placed on language development, listening, recall, and vocabulary. Students use Writing Workshop techniques to create responses to literature in addition to creating their own unique writing and illustrations. The connection between storytelling and literacy development is well established; storytelling creates a love of language and motivation to read as well as developing creative thinking and problem solving.  

Around the World in Folktales Unit: In this in-depth unit students explore folktales from around the world, and use inquiry-based learning to question and understand other countries’ geographical, cultural and environmental characteristics.  Students learn that a folktale is a story, passed down verbally from generation to generation and that different folktales bear the characteristics of the culture, folklore and customs of the people from which they originated. Through this “trip around the world” students will learn to compare and contrast maps, cultures, climate and other themes by exploring stories, photos, artifacts, websites, games and other hands-on activities.