Fourth Grade

Fourth grade enrichment students learn to apply STEM concepts as they explore the mathematical principles involved with origami and engineering through interactive and thought provoking enrichment units.

Origami Unit: Students explore the basic principles of plane and solid geometry by folding a variety of origami models.  Emphasis is placed on students’ development of spatial sense through examination and transformation of the models they create, as well as communication about the processes they experience while creating them.  Attention will be paid to ideas relating to perpendicularity, parallelism, similarity, congruence, symmetry and fractional parts.  Students will be introduced to the Platonic solids and will have the opportunity to fold a number of Platonic solid models.

                                         Dodecahedral Frame  Octahedral Frame   Linked Hexahedra   Stellated Octahedron

Engineering and Problem Solving Unit: In this unit students use a variety of problem solving skills to work individually,in partnerships and groups to solve real-world word problems and complete engineering based task challenges. For the problem solving portion of this unit, students explore Exemplar word problems, logic games and puzzles (via board games, web, pencil and paper), and real-world application word problems to strengthen their critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Students will share results and explanations, and will re-evaluate and synthesize their understandings.  Students also learn background information about engineering and architecture as they use group communication skills to explore challenges related to towers, bridges, and other structures. Students use the design process to brainstorm ideas, track and evaluate their results and test and redesign their structures, all while having fun!