K-2nd Grade: Literacy and Math Enrichment

Kindergarten, first and second graders needing additional challenge within literacy or math may be recommended to participate in flexible enrichment groups. Skills and challenge activities in these groups reflect content learned in students' homeroom. These enrichment groups are flexible, and students' participation will fluctuate based on the content of the group and students' performance within the group and in their homeroom.  

Literacy Enrichment:
Students read various types of literature and learn to hold inquiry discussions and debates about plot and character development. Students read short stories, poems, fables, and other forms of literature which require them to analyze text and use critical thinking skills to hold high level discussions. This program also emphasizes building new vocabulary through analogies and different word challenge games. Additional literacy enrichment activities include creative poetry writing and Socratic Seminar.

Math Enrichment:

Students learn to use a variety of math strategies to solve challenging word problems and logic puzzles. Students are asked to push their thinking to work through high level math problems by strengthening their individual problem solving skills as well as collaborating with peers to explain their mathematical reasoning. Emphasis is placed on developing strategies to use when solving multi-step, logical, algebraic, and geometric problems that can be carried over to the classroom.