Sacred Heart Athletic Booster Organization
The Sacred Heart Booster Organization is dedicated to developing the athletic talents of the students of Sacred Heart School  
Parish in various sports in a Christian environment. The emphasis is not only on skills-development but also on team play and good sportsmanship. Over the course of a student’s eight year career at Sacred Heart, over 90% will have participated in at least one Booster-sponsored activity.
The Booster Organization is comprised of adults from the Parish who are interested in working toward these goals.  The Booster organization meets once a month, on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm.  Announcements of the meeting date, time and location are published in the Sunday bulletin.  Everyone is welcome to attend and participate.  Sports teams sponsored by the Boosters participate in leagues offered by both the Cincinnati and Hamilton CYO.

The funding for the sports sponsored by the Boosters comes from the Participation Fee which each athlete must pay for each sport.  These funds are used to pay for equipment, uniforms, league fees, referee fees, tournaments, facility rental and awards.  Supplemental funds are also realized from the annual Sacred Heart Track Meet held in April.
The following summarizes what, when and to whom the sports are offered.
Fall (August to October)  
  • Girls Basketball = 3rd - 8th in the Cincinnati CYO
  • Boys Football = 3rd - 8th in the Hamilton CYO
  • Girls Cheerleading for Football  =  3rd - 8th
  • Boys and Girls Cross Country = 6th – 8th
  • Boys and Girls Golf = 6th – 8th 
Winter (November - March)
  • Girls Volleyball = 3rd Instructional and 4th - 8th in the Cincinnati CYO
  • Boys Basketball = 3rd - 8th in the Cincinnati CYO
  • Girls Cheerleading for Basketball = 3rd - 8th
Spring (March-May)
  • Boys and Girls Track = Kindergarten through 8th grade