Seriously?! Everyone in high school gets a Chromebook?

In August Senath-Hornersville we begin implementing our 1:1 computer initiative at the high school.  We believe today's students learn differentlly than students in the past and education is more than standardized tests.  Technological advancements are happening at an exponetial rate and we want to prepare our students for their future not our past.  

This is an extremely exciting time for Senath-Hornersville. Our students will be among the first in our are and in our state who will have this opportunity.

Our first parent night is July 10th at 6:30 p.m. in the high school auditorium
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Parent Letter

What will students receive?

Each student will receive a Samsung Google Chromebook, chargers, and carrying case. Students must carry the Chromebook in the provided bag.

This year, at the beginning of school, each student will receive a Google Chromebook.  This will travel home and back to school with them every day and will be turned in before summer break next May.  

What is a Chromebook?

We believe the Chromebook has several advantages over a traditional laptop.  

How will students receive the devices?

On Friday August 17th each student whose parent/guardian has attended a parent night and signed the required forms will get their device and carry bag.  

What is the cost to the students?

There is no cost for the students to receive their device. We will offer optional insurance.

What about textbooks?

While most of our texts have online companions from the publishers we have also scanned our books and those will be available for students to copy to the device. Teachers will retain a classroom set of books but we will not hand out hard copies since they will be available on the Chromebook.


Why did we start this project?

Senath-Hornersville Schools wants to provide our students with an opportunity to move beyond the norm. Our goal is to develop 21st century skills. Those skills include becoming a self-directed learner that relies on critical thinking, communication, and problem solving as opposed to the traditional recalling of facts.

Laptops in education are not something one can measure in traditional education. Laptops for each student provides a strong degree of equity providing each student an opportunity to participate on a level playing field.

The laptop project provides a blended learning opportunity in which students work in a traditional classroom environment as well as an online environment. It is possible for motivated students to use the online environment, available 24/7, to finish the required curriculum AHEAD of the pace set in the traditional classroom. With teacher approval, students may use this environment to complete the required curriculum for more than one class in the time traditionally allotted for a single class.

Finally, the laptop project is an exercise in collaboration. Collaboration with others next door or around the world is yet another opportunity to discover more, learn more, and reach that goal as a 21st century skilled individual.