I AM SO PROUD OF ALL OF YOU!!!  You all did so great this week and I know how tough it is to sit through all of those tests.  You should feel good about yourselves!!!!  We are in the homestretch now and I am feeling a little sad, BUT I am going to look on the positive that I still have six more weeks with all of you!!!!

I am really excited to see all of your inventions!!!  Remember the date has been changed to May 21st.  BE READY!!  Practice in front of your parents/grandparents/friends/siblings/dog/cat, anyone that will listen!


Science 5M



Class codes to play prodigy at home:
McKee   B47EFO
Kowalewski  14881F

 Remember to check this website daily as it may change from day to day.  Also, remember to check Mr. Kowalewski's website to see what homework you have for Social Studies and Language Arts.  I have moved all of our useful links to Fifth Grade Resources.  You just click the Fifth Grade Resources on the left and then click on math links or science links.  Let's make this a great week!!!!


Remember to check the website daily for reminders and homework.  

To print math homework off of the Envisions site:
Go to my useful links and click on the Envisions site.
Sign-in with your ID:  first.last, (some of you may have a special sign-in, it should be written in your agenda)
your password is mckee followed by your number.  Remember it had to be 3 digits,  so if your number is 8, it is mckee108, if your number is 12, it is mckee112.
Next, click on classes. On the the right hand side click on Grade 5:  Accessible Student Edition.  Put your page number.  Hide the TOC (Table of Contents) and then right click and print the page.