PARCC is OVER!!!!  Now on to the good stuff.  We are working on SHARK TANK.  The due date has been changed to June 1st.    The students are working in class and also at home.  There is a "Intent to Invent" sheet that each student must have signed by a parent.  They also have a rubric and what is expected of them.  Please discuss this with your child.  Remember, the idea is to use the Design Process and to HAVE FUN!!! 
FIELD DAY is now on June 5th.  


Remember to check the website daily for reminders and homework.  

To print math homework off of the Envisions site:
Go to my useful links and click on the Envisions site.
Sign-in with your ID:  first.last, (some of you may have a special sign-in, it should be written in your agenda)
your password is mckee followed by your number.  Remember it had to be 3 digits,  so if your number is 8, it is mckee108, if your number is 12, it is mckee112.
Next, click on classes. On the the right hand side click on Grade 5:  Accessible Student Edition.  Put your page number.  Hide the TOC (Table of Contents) and then right click and print the page.