Shri Vishwavijay Panchangam was the first Hindi Panchang (almanac) of North India to be based on "Ketki Drik Ganit" (Apparent Planetary positions). The founding Editor of Shri VishwaVijay Panchang, late Pt. Hardev Sharma Trivedi, is an Internationally recognized and renowned astrologer.

Panchang has been widely acknowledged for its mundane predictions and research work on occult, planetary positions, Astrology, mythology and for predictive forecasts for share and commodity market trends..
The Founding editor of Shri VishwaVijay Panchang was part of  the core team of "Calender Reform committee" under Dr. MN SAHA. he played instrumental role for the committee for standardization and fixation of criteria for Indian festivals.
Panchang is praised for predicting events like "Kargil War" 9/11, Mumbai attack, Emergence of Naxal violence, Communal riots, Gujarat Earthquake  and Parliament attack with pin point accuracy.
Very few know, that the editor of Panchang had warned the Prime Minister of India, Months before 1965 Indo- Pak war. Even the Prime Minister took note of the warning and asked for more insights in writing from the editor. The predictions helped India gain strategic advantage of preparedness. The same thing is true for 1971 war as well.

The Time and Muhurt for "Declaration of Independence" and transfer of power from British crown to Indian National congress, on 15th august 1947, was decided by Dr. Rajender prashad after consulting Shri Hardev Sharma Trivedi. 

The Panchang has warned government of some serious trouble in Kashmir in 2010 -2011.   Center Government and Indian Armed Forces are advised not to hesitate from taking strict and though actions  in this period, to eliminate all National threats centered at Kashmir.

Panchang also has the credit of formulating and rediscovering correct "Marriage Compatibility Chart". The new rectified Compatibility chart (Melapak Sarini) is published in the panchang. This chart is instrumental in calculating compatibility score for analysis of marriage-alliance.