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Class Activator 2/13/15

                                                                   Class Expectations

Welcome to 8  Gold Social Studies. I am looking forward to having a great year with you! It is important to me that everyone has the best learning experience possible. In order for that to happen, you need to be aware of the following policies and procedures.

GRADING POLICY: Your academic performance will be evaluated by the established academic content standards for 8th grade Social Studies. Your class performance will be based on formative unit assessments & projects and summative unit assessments & projects.

ORGANIZATION: Please come to class every day prepared with class text, notebook, pen or pencil. This year as you prepare for high school, it’s very important that you develop strong organizational skills. For this class, you will need a three ring binder with a pocket or folder. Your notebook should be organized in the following format:
Trimester I Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire,
Trimester II  Islam, Medieval Europe
Trimester III Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Revolution and European Exploration

CLASS Materials: Primary text: History Alive! The Medieval World and Beyond, Individual student I-pads, Secondary text: World History the Human Journey (classroom use)

CURRENT EVENTS: On a regular basis, the class will have a Current Events Game. This is a informative and fun way to learn about various current events that are happening in your community and around the world.

HOMEWORK: You are expected to complete it the night it is assigned. You will also have long-term assignments. It is important to work on time management skills. In regards to long-term projects, try to do a little every night. When assignments are put off until the last minute, the quality of the work often decreases.

PARTICIPATION: It is important to participate in classroom discussions. Proper participation involves raising your hand until you are called upon.

DISMISSAL: You are expected to remain in your seat until I dismiss you from class. Upon leaving the class, please push your chairs under the tables.

ABSENCES: If you are absent in class, it is your responsibility to find out about missing assignment. Please e-mail or contact me with any extensive absence. I can e-mail necessary assignments or you can arrange for a parent to pick them up at the front office.

To put forth your best effort throughout the year in all assignments:
Push yourself to go beyond standards on all assignments
Push yourself to participate in class discussions
Be respectful of yourself, peers and your teacher
Work collaboratively with peers in a positive manner
Be ready to discover how history can be connected to many aspects of your life and society

I expect a lot from you, just as you should expect a lot from me this year. I am looking forward to a great year ahead.


Mr. Ahlin

8 Gold

Social Studies