Learning at home will comprise of two activities and support from families will be beneficial. 
These activities are a way to develop “learning stamina” and like any form of exercise, benefits from training. Children will bring home:

  1. Number Knowledge Practice: Children will have activities to practise at home that are personalised to their current learning. These activities are designed to help develop speed and recall and will be repeated over time. 
  2. Daily reading for entertainment: Years 1 - 3 are asked to read out loud, turn pages or talk about what's happening in pictures with an adult or older sibling to practise their current goals. It is asked that they are read to daily, also. Years 4 - 8 need to find a regular time to unwind and enjoy a good book. Families can support the older child by asking them about what they are reading and also, reciprocating the conversation by talking about the texts they have been reading as well.

        This Home/ School Link page on the school web site that allows children access to relevant online learning activities should they so wish.