We will be shooting and moving, we are going to get dirty, and we are going to have fun! This no-holds-barred class will take you to the next level in your firearm training! It is designed to teach you the skills needed to actually use your LEGAL concealed weapon and employ it in defense of yourself or loved ones. You will learn advanced handgun techniques that will be needed on the streets or in your home when a threat commits to doing you or your loved ones harm!

In this five-hour class we will focus on:
  • Practicing and improving on shooting fundamentals 
  • Practicing and improving on the fundamentals of defensive shooting 
  • Practice and continue to improve on shooting FROM cover 
  • We will introduce you to the skills necessary to shoot TO cover 
  • You will be introduced to various ways of shooting from disadvantaged positions and how to get into a position of advantage. 
  • Ammunition management and reloading techniques. 
  • Moving off the line of force ... getting off the "X" 
  • Threat assessment and area scanning 
  • Engaging multiple threats 
Equipment Requirements: 
  • Firearm in a 9mm caliber or greater (.22 caliber and .380 will be accepted with prior approval) 
  • Minimum of two magazines 
  • Eye and ear protection 
  • 150 rounds of ammunition in the correct caliber for your firearm 
Additional Information:
  • Cost: $160 if student provides firearm, ammunition and safety gear (protective glasses and ear protection). 
  • Firearm, ammunition and safety gear (protective glasses and ear protection) can be provided for an additional fee. 
  • Space is limited to eight students per class and advanced registration and payment is required! 
  • A private class for your group can also be arranged! Contact us at INFO@Shootslikeagirl.com or by calling 724-712-1648 for details!