Wish List

SCR needs a donation! Does anyone have a tablet with built-in internet connectivity capability just lying around not being used that you'd like to donate to the ranch? Doesn't matter if it's Android or iPad or whatever, just needs to be able to connect to the internet WITHOUT wifi (on our data plan of course)... unless you want to donate that too, but it's not expected! Please contact Karen if you can help! 

Mobile Equine First Aid Kit

Horse/Livestock: Alfalfa Pellets or Hay, Timothy Pellets or Hay, O&M, A&M, Beet Pulp (shredded or
pellets), Senior Feed (any brand), Integrity Brand Feed (any type), Rice Bran, Wheat Bran
Supplements: Any hoof, coat, weight, joint, vitamin, electrolyte, or funds to purchase

brushes (hard or soft), mane and tail combs, hoof picks, detangler, rubber curry's (glove or
round), sweat scrapers, shampoo, buckets, sponges, rags or funds to purchase

large square western pads, navajo pads, bridles and reins (english or western), bosal, saddles
(western), surcingle, side-reins, halters, lead ropes.
Barn Equipment:
Clippers, blades, fly masks, fly spray, fly traps, manure forks, shovels, hay nets, saddle and bridle racks, hoses, wheelbarrows, trailer- slant, repair supplies or funds to purchase
Kids sponsor - Fund a kid for a T-shirts 

Funds: To support Medication, boarding facilities, feed, fairer, equine dental, vaccinations, Some horses are seniors and require senior medications