Lunch Menu & SPS EZpay

Sacred Heart of Jesus School will be using the Fairfield City Schools Food Service Department for our hot lunch program. The Lunch Calendar is posted on our App. Lunch prices are $2.80 for a regular lunch, $3.00 for an adult lunch and .50 for milk/juice. Pizza lunches are sold one Friday per month via a separate order form through our P.T.S.
Packed Lunch
Many of the students at Sacred Heart School pack their lunches for school. Some opt to purchase milk or orange drink for their beverage.
What if my child forgets his lunch? 
Several options are available if your child forgets his lunch. We will not let your child go hungry!
  1. If your child forgets his/her lunch, label it clearly with his/her name and room number or teacher’s name and bring it to school. You can place it in the lunchroom on the milk cooler or deliver it during your child’s lunch time. 
  2. Our lunchroom coordinator does keep a product that is made of soy - it is called Soy Nut Butter Spread. The kids don't seem to notice the difference from a PB&J sandwich and it can be served to kids with a peanut allergy with no problems.
  3. Students who have insufficient funds to purchase a school lunch will be provided with an alternative meal approved by the USDA. A charge of $1.00 (.40 cents for students approved for reduced meal) will be placed on their account.

Any lunch questions should be directed to Mrs. Hanigan, lunch room coordinator, or call the school office.


Parents use an on-line system, SPS EZpay, to add funds to their lunch account:

Parents who want to pay by cash or check, please use  the payment form provided by Fairfield to submit payment.