Sacred Heart has a caring and highly qualified, fully certified faculty, committed to Catholic education.  Faculty members boast an average of more than twenty-one years experience.  Half of the teachers have advanced degrees or are currently working towards one, and all have completed additional course work in their areas of interest and licensure.  All religion teachers are required to achieve certification as catechists.  
All faculty members regularly attend seminars and workshops to increase their knowledge and stay current with the ever-changing trends in education.  In addition, all faculty and support staff are required to attend training for the Decree on Child Protection, now known as VIRTUS® Child Awareness Sessions, of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.
Along with full-time teachers for music and physical education, Sacred Heart has a full-time technology coordinator, a school librarian, nurse, and a special needs support staff (please see Special Needs section).  

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PrefixFirst NameLast NamePhone ExtensionPositionEmail Addresse-Classroom Link
PrefixFirst NameLast NamePhone ExtensionPositionEmail Addresse-Classroom Link
Mrs. Erin Hernandez 3208 1st Grade ehernandez@shjs.org Erin Hernandez 
Ms. Amanda Graber 3209 1st Grade agraber@shjs.org Amanda Graber 
Mrs. Debbie Muskopf 3107 1st Grade Aide dmuskopf@shjs.org  
Ms. Helen Stengel 3384 1st Grade Aide hstengel@shjs.org  
Ms. Julie Riegert 3207 2nd Grade jriegert@shjs.org Julie Riegert 
Ms. Linda Crawford 3205 2nd Grade lcrawford@shjs.org Linda Crawford 
Mrs. Kim Williams 3201 3rd Grade kwilliams@shjs.org Kim Williams 
Ms. Heather Owens 3203 3rd Grade howens@shjs.org Heather Owens 
Ms. Christine Duke 3501 4th Grade cduke@shjs.org Christine Duke 
Ms.  Abby Packer 3503 4th Grade apacker@shjs.org Abby Packer 
Ms. Amanda Weigand 3505 5th Grade aweigand@shjs.org Amanda Weigand 
Mrs. Katie Baker 3507 5th Grade kbaker@shjs.org Katie Baker 
Ms. Amy McKaig 3508 6th Grade amckaig@shjs.org Amy McKaig 
Mrs. Melissa Fenster 3509 6th Grade mfenster@shjs.org Melissa Fenster 
Mrs. Bette Stiens 3512 7th Grade bstiens@shjs.org Bette Stiens 
Mrs. Katie Wilson 3510 7th Grade kwilson@shjs.org Katie Wilson 
Mrs. Debbie Otero 3511 8th Grade dotero@shjs.org Debbie Otero 
Miss Emily Owen 3513 8th Grade eowen@shjs.org Emily Owen 
Mrs. Andrea Mathews 4745 Auxiliary Services amathews@shjs.org  
Mr. Kevin  Black  Computer Lab Instructor kblack@shjs.org  
Ms. Kristen St. Clair  Intervention Specialist/Math Tutor kstclair@shjs.org  
Mr. Kevin Frye 3519 IT Staff ksfrye@shjs.org  
Mrs. Ellen Grammel 3311 Kindergarten egrammel@shjs.org Ellen Grammel 
Mrs. Stacie Wendt 3313 Kindergarten swendt@shjs.org Stacie Wendt 
Mrs. Nancy Adams 3380 Kindergarten Aide nadams@shjs.org  
Mrs. Louise Burns 3381 Kindergarten Aide & Sign Language lburns@shjs.org  
Mrs. Jean Timko 3518 Librarian jtimko@shjs.org  
Mrs. Lisa Hanigan  Lunchroom Coordinator lhanigan@shjs.org  
Mrs. Jennifer Koenemann 3106 Music Education jkoenemann@shjs.org Jennifer Koenemann 
Ms. Kathy Young 3105 Physical Education kyoung@shjs.org Kathy Young 
Ms. Becky Schafer 3386 Physical Education bschafer@shjs.org Becky Schafer 
Mr. Joe Nagle 3100 Principal jnagle@shjs.org  
Mrs. Sarah Sackenheim 3500 Reading Specialist ssackenheim@shjs.org  
Mrs. Peggy Hoelle 3102 School Nurse phoelle@shjs.org  
Mrs. Julie St. Clair 3101 School Secretary jstclair@shjs.org  
Mrs. Lisa Lorenz 4101 Spanish llorenz@shjs.org Lisa Lorenz 
Mrs. Jenny Sheehy 3504 Speech Therapist jsheehy@shjs.org  
Showing 37 items