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Q. What can you tell me about the school uniform?
 There is a standard girls’ uniform and standard boys’ uniform 
detailed.  Details concerning uniforms and dress codes for 2013/2014 can be found in the Parent/Student Handbook.  Below you will find helpful information on what the uniform looks like as well as suggestions from parents on what to buy, how many of each and other helpful hints. 
Q. What is the rule about boys’ trousers?
 The majority of boys in all grades wear the standard chino-style blue uniform pant (no outside pockets). Blue corduroy pants (same standards) are also accepted although few seem to wear them. Many parents recommend purchasing the uniform pants in a double knee style since boys tend to be a little harder on the knees of their pants. Boys may wear the approved uniform chino-style blue short whenever they choose. Most parents recommend purchasing multiple pairs of uniform pants and shorts.
Q. What is the rule about girls’ uniform skirts, skorts, shorts and slacks?
 The majority of girls through fourth grade wear the uniform jumper. Girls are also permitted to wear uniform pants. Girls in fifth through eighth grade wear the uniform skort or skirt. Due to the fact that children may be sitting on the floor at times and play actively on the playground, it is recommended that girls wear shorts under their jumper (or skirt). Shorts under the jumper can be uniform gym shorts or other shorts as long as they do not hang out from underneath. During the cold months, girls are also permitted to wear uniform leggings or footless leggings under their jumper/skorts/skirts to school and throughout the school day. All students are permitted to wear regulation fleece, zipper-at-the-ankle sweatpants on gym days only. During the warmer months, the girls are also permitted to wear the girls’ version of the blue chino-style uniform short. Most parents seem to purchase one to two jumpers/skorts/skirts and two uniform shorts for girls. Girls may wear uniform chino-style blue shorts or dress slacks whenever they choose.
Q. What about shirts?
 The majority of the students, boys and girls, seem to prefer the short sleeved polo version of the uniform shirt.  Blouses and shirts are to be tucked in at all times.  The standard for boys and girls allows for short or long sleeved polo or oxford style shirt (no logos) and plain white turtlenecks during the winter months. Most parents also like the short sleeved shirts better because the cuffs of the long sleeved shirts tend to become stained from art and play. Parents, on the average, purchase three uniform shirts.

Q. Are sweatshirts/sweaters allowed?
 Sacred Heart offers an approved Sacred Heart sweatshirt and a zippered fleece jacket that can be worn during school hours along with the option of a blue cardigan sweater or a V-neck pullover. Most students, boys and girls, prefer to wear the uniform sweatshirt or fleece.
Q. What do students wear to physical education class?
 Gym shorts must be purchased prior to the beginning of the school year. These shorts are a maroon mesh style with the Sacred Heart logo on them. They can be purchased through Educational Outfitters as can the rest of the uniform, see purchase uniforms below.  The standard uniform shirt is worn with the gym shorts for gym class. Parents recommend that you wash these gym shorts inside out and avoid putting in the dryer so the iron-on logo does not peel off. Since the students change in the classroom for gym class, the girls wear their gym shorts under their uniform and the boys wear the gym shorts under their uniform pants. Alternatively, on gym days only, the regulation sweat pants may be worn all day instead of trousers or skirt/skort. During the warmer months, all students (girls and boys) are permitted to wear the blue uniform short for gym class. Parents generally buy one pair of uniform gym shorts.
Q. Where can I purchase uniforms?
 School uniforms can be purchased at a variety of places. Uniform pants, shorts and shirts may be purchased at most major department stores or through the uniform suppliers, Educational Outfitters and Land’s End. Uniform jumpers for the girls and unisex sweatshirts can be purchased through Educational Outfitters, 2656 Sharon Road (Exit #15 of I-75) across from Watson’s. Plan to order early; the closer school gets, the busier these companies get and shipping can be delayed. If you prefer to order direct, you may do so at …
Educational Outfitters – School Code: OH0118
Land’s End – - School Code: 900026519, Logo #0055537K

Q. What about socks and shoes?
 No brand names or brand logos may appear.  Plain white or navy blue footie, ankle or knee socks are worn with the uniform. Most children choose to wear gym shoes to school, although dress shoes may also be worn. “Mule” style shoes, clogs or sandals are not permitted.
Q. Do all uniform items have to be brand new?
 No. The PTS provides a uniform exchange located beneath the gymnasium. Items no longer needed may be donated and made available for FREE to families with students. These items include daily uniform apparel, spirit wear, and gym shorts. Donated apparel is available to any student/family who can use them – you do not have to donate an item in order to claim one. The exchange is open during school hours. Just sign in at the front desk and the secretary will open the room for you. If you have any questions, contact the chairperson, Vida Treinen at
Q. When will I know who my child’s teacher is? How will they assist my child on the first day?
 All homeroom class lists are posted on our school app the last day of the school year for the upcoming year. The staff and faculty of Sacred Heart School are dedicated to making the first day of school exciting and comforting for everyone involved. There will be a Kindergarten / First Grade open house just before school begins at which time your child will receive a name tag to be worn during the first weeks of school. This will make the child easily identifiable to the bus driver and school staff so they can be easily assisted. The Kindergarten / First Grade grade teachers will be at the bus to greet your child.  Additionally, there will be a staggered start for kindergarten students.  Group A will come on Monday and Wednesday; group B will come on Tuesday and Thursday.  All kindergartners will come on Friday.
Q. How will I be informed about my child’s bus number, bus stop, and pick-up time?
A. You will receive a post card during the first two weeks of August from the Fairfield City Schools Transportation Department. At our Open House later in August, you will be asked by the teachers to fill out a form with that information so that it can be transferred onto name tags worn by all kindergarten and first graders during the first weeks of school.  The tags will tell all adults here what bus a child should board in case the child becomes confused. Kindergartden and first graders have a lot to remember!
Q. School Supplies?
 Lists for each grade are posted on our app the last day of the school year for the upcoming year.
Q. When will I learn more about the specific demands of the curriculum?
 Parents will have an assigned Curriculum Night held in September. Curriculum Night is for parents/guardians only, no children attend. It is not a conference night, but rather a chance for the staff to explain the subject matter covered and teaching methods used in that grade. Presentations are given by your child’s teacher in the classroom followed by presentations from the gym and music staff. The evening lasts about 1 to 1 ½ hours. The Archdiocese of Cincinnati Catholic Schools Office publishes the time allocations, subject matter and approves textbooks used at Sacred Heart School. Our graded course of study determines what skills and concepts are presented at any given grade level. Teacher conferences are held in November. Conferences are scheduled on 15 minutes intervals. If you anticipate needing more time, you will need to notify your child’s teacher in advance, or schedule a second meeting.
Q. When is lunch and recess ?
. Lunch at Sacred Heart is divided into 2 sessions:
K – 4th Grades - 11:00 a.m. to 11:50 a.m.
5th - 6th Grades - 12:15 p.m. - 12:50 p.m.
7th - 8th Grades - 12:10 p.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Please let your child know that if he/she is not finished with lunch when other students go out to recess, he/she may stay in the cafeteria to finish lunch and join their friends when finished. Since the children will go outside for recess, weather depending, please make sure your child has the appropriate outerwear for the season.
Q. Is a Hot Lunch Program Available?
Sacred Heart of Jesus School uses the Fairfield City Schools Food Service Department for our hot lunch program. Lunch prices are $2.80 for a regular lunch, $3.00 for an adult lunch and .50 for milk/juice. Pizza lunches are sold one Friday per month via a separate order form through our P.T.S.

Q. Do students pack their own lunches?
. Many of the students pack their lunches for school. Some opt to purchase milk or orange drink for their beverage.
Q. What if my child forgets his lunch?
 Some options are available if your child forgets his lunch. We will not let your child go hungry!
  1. If your child forgets his/her lunch, label it clearly with his/her name and room number or teacher’s name and bring it to school. You can place it in the lunchroom on the milk cooler or deliver it during your child’s lunch time.
  2. Students who have insufficient funds to purchase a school lunch will be provided with an alternative meal approved by the USDA. A charge of $1.00 (.40 cents for students approved for reduced meal) will be placed on their account.
Q. What about birthday treats?
A. Students are welcome to share a birthday treat with their classmates and teachers. Parents are asked to obtain the teacher’s approval on the type of treat to avoid food allergies and date and time, to avoid scheduling conflicts. Summer birthdays may be celebrated on the student’s half birthday. 
Q. Welcome Mass
 During the opening weeks of school, Sacred Heart comes together to celebrate with an all school Welcome mass. This event is a rite of passage of sorts and so it is especially important for our new students, staff and faculty. A blessing is bestowed on them as they join the Sacred Heart community. We invite the families of our new students in all grades to join us for this mass and special blessing.  A reminder will be sent home during the first week of school. You will meet in your child’s classroom so that you may enter church with your child, sit with him/her during mass and be available with him/her during the new student blessing. The Sacred Heart PTS sponsors a social following mass for the parents and families in attendance. Students, however, will return to their classrooms. If you are unable to attend this mass, you may send a grandparent, godparent, family friend or other person to represent you; or, you may ask your child’s teacher or older sibling at Sacred Heart to stand with your child.
Q. What are the communications vehicles?
 The primary communication vehicle is our Sacred App of Jesus School app available on the App Store and Google Play as well as a PC version. All day-to-day information, forms and permissions slips are pushed out digitally via our app. A maroon Sacred Heart folder is sent home with all students every Thursday. Included in the folder are completed papers and tests and information from your child’s teacher. If any information is sent home related to multiple students in the family, it is sent home with the youngest child. To ensure that a parent receives the Thursday folder and all appropriate paperwork, the Thursday folder must be signed by a parent each and every Thursday and returned to school the following day. Please also see Communications.
Q. What is Tuition?
 Current tuition schedules are available in the school or parish offices. The tuition charge represents only about 60% of the actual cost to educate your child, as 40% comes from the church collection plate. In a spirit of gratitude, parents are encouraged to make up as much of the 40% as their means allow. Recognize that the generosity of fellow parishioners whose children attend public school helps pay your child’s tuition!