Sacred Heart of Jesus School serves children from kindergarten through eighth grade and will never discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin, or age (in accordance with law). Spaces are limited to 60 for Kindergarten and first grade and 64 for grades two through eight.After graduation from Sacred Heart of Jesus School, our students are prepared to attend the high school of their choice and are ready for the high school experience. 

Below is information for new families to Sacred Heart. Application for admission is made through our Sacred Heart of Jesus School app available for both Apple and android devices. The registration and payment process is made electronically via this app.


Jeanne and Dan Schindler wrote:

"We chose Sacred Heart because of many things. But one reason was that they reinforced the ethics that we teach our child in our home. As a school volunteer, I had the chance to witness the character traits of honesty, responsibility, and compassion. They are exhibited in the way the children take the responsibility of cleaning up at lunch, writing "get well soon" on homework notes to absent friends, and being honest about whether they have earned awards or not. And the staff was caring and helpful. We were pleased with the academics, too. Our daughter, a freshman at Badin, was very well-prepared to face the challenges of the high school curriculum, including honors level courses. Sacred Heart has given her a great foundation for her school career and for her life."

Kelly and Mike Reichart wrote:

"What separates Sacred Heart from other schools is the personal attention each family receives, especially in times of crisis.  Our 8 year old son, Brady (third grade), broke both bones in his lower leg and was wheelchair bound and subsequently, unable to attend school for approximately 7 weeks. His wonderful teachers sent all of his schoolwork home each day with detailed instructions for me to virtually school  him from home. They even offered to come to our home if we were to have any problems learning a particular topic. They would call and allow Brady to say " hello" to the class , which kept him feeling a part of the school.

"The school nurse and principal called us often to see what they could do to assist us in anyway necessary. Our goal, together, was to keep Brady up to speed academically and to formulate a plan to get him back to school as soon as possible. I have to say that we were more than successful!

"Not only did the teaching staff take a personal interest in my son, but the families at Sacred Heart did as well. I can’t tell you how many visitors we had bearing gifts and more importantly, raising our son's spirits.  Both third grade classes made cards for Brady often and kept him cheered up while he was at home recovering.  I know if we were in any other school, this personal and compassionate attention certainly would not exist.  Sacred Heart made this very difficult time in our lives so much more bearable and for that, we will be eternally grateful."