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Student Mentors

Friends Program
The Friends Program was launched in 1993 by its moderator, Miss Young. The Friend’s Group program unites one student from each grade level into a group led by an 8th grade student. Friends Group reinforces an “all inclusive” environment and teaches leadership skills to our students. Additionally, it promotes a positive community environment for our school. 
While walking the hallways you will often hear “Look, he/she is in my Friend’s group!” or “She’s my eighth grader!”

The Friend’s Group meets several times each year during school hours to attend Mass together and participate in unity building activities, including outreach and holiday celebrations. The activities are designed and coordinated by an eighth grade 6-student core group.

Friends Core Group
The Friend’s Core Group is comprised of six 8th grade students. Students nominate themselves and are evaluated by the junior high teachers and the moderator based on grades, attendance, and leadership aptitude. Names are drawn for the positions, three boys and three girls.
Math Tutors

The math tutors program is directed by Mrs. Otero, the junior high math teacher. The tutors work with students of all ages who need help in math. Math tutors are chosen based on the following criteria: grades, attendance, willingness to serve.
Reading Buddies
All 1st and 2nd graders are assigned either a 5th or 6th grader to read with. Students meet weekly to share books they are currently reading.