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Agenda / Student Handbook
The "agenda," or assignment notebook, is used in grades 2-5 and is given yearly to all students. Students in grades 6-8 use a mobile device application. Agendas are used to record assignments for each day and the 2-5 version is to be taken home daily. In addition to homework information, it is an easy way to communicate with your child’s teacher. Included in the agenda are copies of the student handbook, school calendar, PTS information/activities, and a faculty directory. 

The student handbook, provided either in the agenda itself (grades 4/5 only) or separately, addresses governing issues, uniform requirements, sick policies, and much more. To ensure that both student and parent are familiar with the rules and regulations and agree to be governed by them, parents and students are required to sign an agreement at the start of the school year on our app.

Announcements are made as needed over the public address system. 

All day-to-day announcements and information for our current families is posted on our school app. Notifications are sent out when posts are made by administration and teachers. All pertinent calendars, website links and teacher blogs are accessible on the app. All forms are completed digitally on our app.
Parent - teacher conferences are scheduled via our app in October. Parents are also encouraged to contact the school for additional conferences with teachers should the need arise. 
Curriculum Night
Parents will have an grade level specific Curriculum Night held in late August and early September. Curriculum Night is for parents/guardians only. No children attend. It is not a conference night, but rather a chance for the staff to explain the subject matter covered and teaching methods used in that grade. Presentations are given by your child’s teacher in the classroom followed by presentations at some grade levels from the gym and music teachers. The evening lasts about 1 to 1 ½ hours. 
Each year the PTS membership committee publishes a school directory. It includes class lists, school year calendar, teachers’ voice mail numbers, and an alphabetical listing of all families enrolled at Sacred Heart (address, phone number and e-mail address, if applicable).   
Homeroom Parents 
Homeroom Parents are resource persons who assist the homeroom teachers in a variety of ways, such as arranging classroom parties and scheduling classroom volunteers.  
New Parent Orientation 
An orientation for parents new to the school is held in mid-August prior to the start of school. New parents can enjoy hospitality provided by the PTS and hear an overview of Sacred Heart’s curriculum and the many activities that keep our halls humming from August through June!  

Principal Newsletters
All communication from the principal is published through the school app.

Snow Days 
If the decision is made to close before the school day begins, the principal will notify teachers, parents and the media. School closings and delays are posted on our school app and on our website. On general media outlets, we are listed as “Fairfield City Schools” in conjunction with the local public school district since it governs the transportation decision. The decision to close school is usually made about 5:30 a.m., and is on the radio and TV stations shortly thereafter. We are listed on TV Channels 5, 12, 19, radio stations 700 WLW, 550 WKRC, 94.1FM, and 92.5FM. 

Start-of-School Forms 
The majority of the forms, which need to be completed by the parents at the start of each school year, are completed digitally via our app. The emergency medical form, a Fairfield District form, is sent home the first day of school, to be returned promptly to the school.
Thursday Folder 
Hard copies of student work and occasional flyers are sent home on Thursday afternoons. The majority of school-wide communications and flyers are distributed via our app. To ensure that the parent receives the material, the folder must be signed by the parent and returned to school the following school day. 

Voicemail / Email
Each teacher and administrator has individual voicemail available. This service, along with our teacher blogs on our app and email, provides parents with effective means of communication with faculty. Use employee’s first initial, last name
WWW.SHJS.ORG - The Sacred Heart of Jesus School Website
Our school website is primarily for new families interested in registering at our school. All communication for our current families occurs through our Sacred Heart of Jesus School app.